Milan Italy – Public Demonstration against ostracism practiced by the Watchtower.

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  • Nick!

    If you want to see some pictures of the demonstration, I just added some to my website.
    Here is the link:

    We have also opened a Youtube channel with the registration of different interviews to some of the participants to the demonstration. They are in Italian, of course, but may want to see them anyhow. Here is the link:
    I, myself was interviewed briefly, you can see me under my actual name Roberto di Stefano.

    We have also set up a Twitter account where people can add their own comments to the different news posted. Here is the link:

    Franco, an ex JW good friend of mine who participated to the demonstration has already posted here the Facebook account of the event:

    Several people are writing us either directly on the facebook account or via the website.

    Today I had a long conversation with a woman who studied with the JW long ago, because her parents were JW. But in one way or another, she managed not to join the cult. While she was telling me her story, I was shocked to learn that she is the mother of a young man who was posting on our forum who lives not far from Aosta, where we have a chalet. He was “dissociated” in the sense that he did not share anymore the JW beliefs, and joined the forum around 2006. I have had some contacts virtual with him during the years, but I never met him.

    Last year, since we had organized a conference in Aostaf on September 17th, I invited him hoping to meet him for the first time. Unfortunately he never showed up.

    The reason why I am telling you this story is that today, his mom told me that he never recovered since he was disfellowshiped and suffered a lot. He lived alone, not married in a small village not far from Aosta. At a given point in time, as he could not stand anymore his situation, he decided to move down south to Palermo, in Sicily. I didn’t know about that and probably this is the reason why he never showed up at the conference in Aosta, which is 1200 miles away from where he lived.

    The sad story is that he ended up committing suicide last July! His name was Enea.
    Not only at his funerals, no one came except his mom from the North of Italy, but no one in the area where he lived and where his JW family lives even dared sending their condolences, not even the grandmother and his aunt, sister of the lady who contacted me today on Facebook. When she, his mother met a JW of the congregation of his now dead son, told hin about the suicide, the idiot said “if he would have asked for forgiveness and be reinstated, he would be alive now”! THIIS THE TYPE OF EMOTIONS which the WT instills in people, love is only a nice word printed on their magazines, but they have NO feeling for people real suffering specially when those suffering are due to the discrimination taught and imposed by the WT to their followers towards those who decide to use of their civil rights to change religion. Disgusting!

    This is the reason why we have organized twice now our demonstrations against the ostracism imposed by the Watchtower, the first one in December 2010 in Rome and now this last one last Saturday in Milan.

    We were happy to see that, although many hesitated at the beginning, a number of about 100 people were there starting at 10 a.m. and participating until 5 p.m., in spite of the cold wind and finally the rain.

    We have reprinted thousands of the tracts and leaflets exposing the Watchtower used during the demonstration and sent them to those who asked for and who intend to distribute them in locally in their area.

    Thrilled by the results, we now start to plan our next demonstrations which, this time, may well take place concurrently in different Italian towns.

    Our objective is to inform the public of this indecent and arrogant practice of shunning so that people think twice before engaging in associating with JW.
    These demonstrations are in addition to the different conferences we give on the subject such as the three talks I gave this year in France and Italy, and the many more talks I gave in Italy in the last 3 years, following Barbara’s visit to Europe where we toured some of the European cities and exposed the WT on its pedophile policy and the dangers of associating with the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

    Roberto – Alias Nick!

  • ziddina

    Thanks, Roberto alias Nick!!

    I'll look those up...

  • DaCheech
    Our objective is to inform the public of this indecent and arrogant practice of shunning so that people think twice before engaging in associating with JW.

    great objective!

    btw, your writings seems very well done!

    can't imagine you doing any wrong

  • moshe

    Good job !

    I translated some of the posts and I noticed one lady came up who was studying with the JWs- she had no idea the JWs were like that- looks like their next study will be interesting!

  • rebel8

    3 cheers for aiming your message at the general public, where it can do some good, instead of at jw

  • moshe

    Next time invite the local KH to send some elders to the 'event', and set up two empty chairs with a sign on it (KH elders were invited, but refused to come), just so the public knows the JWs aren't willing to publicly refute the charges.

  • Fernando

    Educating the public certainly seems more worthwhile than trying to educate legalistic Watchtower religionists.

    I now know that members of the public always knew something was wrong with the Watchtower when I knocked on their door - they just lacked the ability to explain.

    What the public needs to be taught is that they should rather ask INFORMED questions than try to explain.

    For example: "please can you explain to me from your heart what is the gospel in one word"?

    It is breathtaking to note that 7 million "publishers of the Good News" have no idea it is a message about Jesus' death, and about the consequent legal precedents set in the custody battle between our heavenly father and our evil step-father.

  • smiddy

    It`s a pity the photo`s and texts are not in english , though it was interesting to read the comments which could be translated in english

    Well done


  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz


    Sometimes we get so focused on trying to 'bring down' the watchtower or wake up JWs that we lose sight of the better battle to fight...




  • Hermano

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