Milan Italy – Public Demonstration against ostracism practiced by the Watchtower.

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  • Nick!

    Milan Italy – Public Demonstration against ostracism practiced by the Watchtower.

    We did it again!

    Two years after Rome, yesterday December 1 st , day by day, we were about 100 of us demonstrating on a public square in the center of Milan, Italy.

    At about 10-11 a.m. many of us were already on the spot, installing our gazebo on the public square where we were granted authorization by the police and starting the distribution of about 4000 tracts to passersby in the surrounding squares, boulevards and streets exposing the Watchtower for its teachings and instructions on discriminating those who decide to use their rights to walk away from this religious movement without to have to incur the ostracism imposed by the leadership.

    The reason for the demonstration is the same as the one held in Rome 2 years ago, because of the low being discussed by this religious movement, between others, 0.8% payback to the Watchtower of the income taxes relieved by the government, similar to what is being practice for the Vatican.

    Here a link to the first demonstration in Rome of two years ago:

    During the demonstration, several people who have been ostracized were interviewed and have told their sad story of discrimination by the members of their close family because of the Watchtower internal rules which violate the Italian Constitution and the charter of the Universal Human Rights.

    At about 5 p.m., after a day of continued demonstration with tracts distribution, interviews, wall charts, posters and bills, the event was closed while a tiny rain started to fall on the city.

    A first series of shots of the event are already visible on the Italian forum here:

    Others will be published soon on this site.

  • ziddina

    Interesting, Nick...

    I take it that this demonstration was NOT made at a JW convention?

    It was probably much more effective being directed at the general public...


  • Gayle

    If this helps one person to be aware of the WTS tactics, and to never become a JW, it was worth it! I am sure those gathered appreciated the comraderie.

  • Nick!

    - for Ziddina: you got it - it was not in conjunction with a JW convention, but was directed more to the general public in order to expose the WT and alert those who know already the JW or who would meet them in the future what this movement is precluding from them.

    In fact, a couple of "sisters" who were passing by, stopped and started to read the leaflets. When discussing with one of the demonstrator lady who has been seriously ostricized, they insisted in stating that it was not true that JW discriminate their close family. This statement made the ostracized lady to bursed into tears.

    What an arrogance!

  • BluesBrother

    Absolutely brilliant ! Let's have one here......

  • Franco185
  • cofty

    From what I know about Italian culture breaking up families will be viewed as especially odious.

  • Franco185

    sorry I'm Italian and not yet learned to write here.

  • cofty

    Welcome Franco, thanks for the link...

    Facebook page on Milan demonstration...

  • designs

    To your Courage

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