If there is a creator, will an expanding universe ever become bigger than he?

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  • prologos

    SATANUS with due respect : the plasma/gas of the early universe was the result of GOD using some of his energy to create matter which is a gas/ plasma at extreme temperatures and pressures. . You have the choice to have that come out his mouth, like " the breath of life"* or as a stench of decay. What due you think is appropriate? --Usually , when we speak, the exhaling # can also produces intelligent sounds, accoustics. like in "--God said and it was--"*. But there are sounds as the result of escaping methane too. So are you trying to provoke an instant reaction? dont hold your breath, or the natural gas. have peace. *quoted from a fable, not to be taken litterally. #our exhaled air has still most of the oxigen, therefore can be used for mouth to mouth rescucitation unlike the combustible byproduct of digestion.

  • prologos

    CYBER JESUS, ENTIRELY POSSPLE, of course my hypothesus is flawed, thats why I like to listen to you to get it clearer but it has some merit. For one it got you thinking too. some even stinking too.

    ON Eternal time vs Spacetime or Timespace: The time component of the universe is the same as the time that always was. as written a day ago, Eternal time existed forever and will exist into the future. eternal time does not flow. Our time does not flow either, we are flowing through it. When you'all talk about time you are really thinking only MOVEMENT through time. OUR only ExPERIENCE of time is a one way movement. But thats OUR movement, not the movement of time. EP you said: "Time and space are the same thing" exactly, thats why we not only move through space, BUT ALWAYS ALSO MOVE THROUGH TIME. we are NOT stationary and space moves around us! neither are we stationary and time moves away from us.! That kind of thinking is pre-Copernican, pre-Keppler.

    To loosely quote Galileo : "The earth, with us on it "Moves still" through space and time or timespace. because:

    Before space there was Time, eternal time. "Gods" domain. try to think about it with out -of- the- box clarity. and re-read the posts, ALL good and profound. blessings.

  • sizemik

    If God only exists in the minds of men . . . on the moon, the universe is already bigger than God.

  • prologos

    "JOE" GRUNDY sounds like a Cangaroo. here is the jump, mental leapfrog you helped me take in this model of the pre-creation cosmos.

    Substitute please, as you might want to: "CREATOR" for "unsymmetrical random vaccuum fluctuation" which a few believe could give rise to an energy,space , matter, time universe. ---now:

    Before that spontaneous Big Bang there was this fluctuation of the vaccuum. but a fluctuation is a function of time, even TIME squared, to the second power, because its an acceleration + and - . So there must have been Time before the big bang no matter how you slice it. So there was time, eternal not moving prior to CREATION or random appearance. You win either way.

    GLADIATOR: thank you for the point. "Events happen at the same time here and 14 billion ly away." you are right. But now the signal, say of a super nova starts travelling our way at "c" from that far away. The creator ( or the mental construct we have here) is there too, because he must-- as was agreed to by a few posters -- be greater than his creation. He would have that knowledge in all his being. which extends into our neighborhood. He could now "Predict" to us that in 14 000 million years from now we will see a supernova in xyz direction. But that would not be a "prediction" for him, just a description of facts already unalterable history there. it would be a prediction for us, or be called a true prophecy here. what the model of the pre-creation cosmos that I proposed on beabeorean.com implies, is that God is already in the future. because our universe works at the speed of light, but he is instantaneously knowledgeable in his extended eternal beeing, he can just as be a spectator, but could tell us the outcome, because we can not see it yet, but he has. try to get the picture of us moving through time-space with a speed limit posted at"c", but faster planes overhead observing, seeing befor we are aware of it. no events fore-ordained. This post is really for "Does the fore knowlededge of God means events are predestined" but one is related to the other.

    SATANUS your divine F--arfetched A--romatic R--ear T--hermal post is a winner for you afterall. Cosmologists' colorful nomenclature does it : To explain the almost even matter- distribution of the cosmos, the idea was adopted to have the universe or space undergo an early ueber-c expansion. They named that event:

    INFLATION. its apparent that this word has the same root as FLATLUence. You win! this scirmish, but will you win the war? what IS the war? A truism from a book I read a lot: Eph 5:4.

    SIZEMIC: yes, if "god exists only in the minds of men/or woman". But would that be true of the concept, the reality of a CREATOR? how to you perform the mental gymnastics to come up with a fait accompli, Time,energy, space, matter and its interplay in that order, while dismissing the possibility of Creation?. particularly if you are involved in any kind of work, design, building, maintenance.? thank you for that stimulus. peace and blessings.

  • Satanus

    A typical breakdown of the chemical composition of farts is:

    Nitrogen: 20-90%
    Hydrogen: 0-50% (flammable)
    Carbon dioxide: 10-30%
    Oxygen: 0-10%
    Methane: 0-10% (flammable)

    Note the hydrogen content of farts. This gives support to the godfart/universe statement.


    Ps, how can a person know for sure, that it didn't stink, early during the big bang, only clearing up later, after the bad stuff condensed?

  • EntirelyPossible

    the plasma/gas of the early universe was the result of GOD using some of his energy to create matter which is a gas/ plasma at extreme temperatures and pressures

    Well that's just 100% made up.

    For one it got you thinking too.

    True. It got me thinking you have no idea what you are on about.

    The time component of the universe is the same as the time that always was. as written a day ago

    You are defining time as nothing that makes sense. Please try again.

    eternal time does not flow.

    You just defined the opposite of time. Please try again.

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