Calling all Aussies and Kiwis

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  • finallysomepride

    you know your name

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    LOL...That's nice!...

  • steve2

    Hi skygreen,

    I'm a queer raised by good upstanding kiwi JW parents and with the blood of maternal and paternal kiwi JW grandparents coursing through my veins. Somewhere along the way Jehovah slipped a queer gene into someone and the f*ker passed it on to me. I like to think I am not alone and that among my many JW cousins, nephews and neices is at least one other bent soul.

    As a JW I was celibate although miserable. I was disfellowshipped in 1982 for apostasy but the witnesses who knew me love to say I was kicked out because I am a homo. How convenient to go for the cheapest shot.

    Anyway, mine is not a sob story. My JW grandparents were all deceased by the time I left and my relationship with my JW parents (now also deceased) was well preserved. Indeed, my lovely JW mother - like mothers who have queer sons the world over - was pretty protective of me. JWs were always extremely careful what they said about me to my mother - she was fearsome when she went into defending- her-children mode. My mother died a loyal JW but she was to me a sweetie through and through to the end. My father was also a damn good man. However, both were clearly as deluded as blinded chooks who genuinely believed they lived in luxury and not a flea-infested chook-house. Poor sods.

    Queer or not, I could never be a JW. I have too many active brain cells (i.e., I am not stupid enough to believe their utter nonsense).

    Keep in mind that the number of responses to your thread will not be an accurate gauge of how many kiwis or aussies are on this forum. There are many here who may have missed your post or who don't click on every post about NZ and/or aussie. Stay in touch.

  • SkyGreen

    Wow, hi everyone and thanks for all the responses!

    There are more of us than i thought. Great to "meet" you all, look forward to chatting more in future when Im a bit freer...



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