A long long time ago my Grandmother heard a knock at the door ....

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  • cedars

    I often think along similar lines to the OP, i.e. "what if my grandmother never heard the knock". The scary thing is, I would likely never have existed if she hadn't become a JW. The fact that I owe my existence to Jehovah's Witnesses doesn't make them right, in just the same way that a father who is abusive doesn't have his behavior excused simply because you are alive because of him.


  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Hi gorgia,

    My grandfather was the one who answered the door and bought the set of books for his wife who was grieving over the death of her mother. My grandmother converted and well, all her kids, grandkids and great-grandkids have had some connection with the JWs.

    Fortunately, most of us are out.

    I'm also from Australia - my family were from Sydney.

  • gorgia

    Rebel8, Cedars & Broken Promises, thank you.


  • Woody22

    Yes my grandparents joined pre world war 2 my mother joined circa 1942. I broke the cycle in 1980, unfortunately I have 3 daughters carrying on the dub tradition.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Welcome to the forum. My grandmother never became a JW. It was my aunt who answered, then brought my mother and later my uncle into the religion. For my aunt and my mother, it was the end of the world coming in 1975. My uncle held out quite a bit of the 1970's until after the end of the world came and went.

  • diana netherton
    diana netherton

    Hi Gorgia,

    my grandmother's story is very similiar. She said she was wondering how to interpret the Bible and

    the knock came. That was about 60 years ago. My grandfather divorced her because of it.

    She's now 88 and still going strong. My mother tried very hard to

    raised me as a JW, she still is, but luckily, I saw the folly of it very early on.

    I avoid the topic at all costs. When it does come up, I simply state that I am an

    atheist. That seems to put the brakes on.

  • Apognophos

    Interesting subject. And welcome, gorgia. Although I have to redact somewhat because this is not the private forum, my family came into the "truth" through similar post-WWII circumstances. As with cedars, I would not exist without that having happened, as my parents met at a convention. So it's hard for me to wish it to un-happen despite the difficulties it's caused my family!

  • finallysomepride

    Welcome gorgia glad that you found us.

    Where in oz are you, I'm in Brisbane

  • bigmac

    my late mother was door-stepped when i was about 9 years old----1957. she had recently lost a badly disabled 4 year old child. my dad followed her into the cult--hes still in--at 91--and now living with me--i'm all hes got: apart from his grandchildren--who havent contacted him in years--in spite of being members ( 2 of them )---& he wont talk to the 3rd--who is now d/f. happy families--not.

    my dads friend--an elder--called at my house to see him yesterday---just before he left--he asked me when i was coming back into "THE TRUTH ". i smiled--said i was happy to be an atheist--so his religion is meaningless to me.


    gorgia Welcome to the forum - yours is an interesting story. My parents were called on in 1959. They lived in post-war south London. Here is the account of what happened. To be honest I didn't write this just now, it is taken from an online book I have just released called 'There's something wrong with that boy.' By Trevor Willis.

    "One fateful day something happened that was to alter the lives of my parents forever and set my brother and me on a path that would shape ours. On this summer morning, two smartly dressed men carrying briefcases knocked on our door. They showed concern and seemed to care about mother and what the future held for her. They too felt the world was hostile and unkind. They explained that we were living in the last days of this dying wicked system. God planned to do away with all suffering and reward those that supported him. Mother listened with interest to the message of hope for the future that they bore.

    That evening s he told father that the men in suits had been able to answer any question she had asked and show her the answers in their Bible. They had left her with a Watchtower magazine and would be coming back to see what she thought of it and share further truths. Father was sceptical and told her that when they returned he would ask them some difficult questions himself. Always ready to fight his corner and see off impostors, father waited to trounce the two Bible bashers.

    The men in suits returned and took up the challenge. Locking horns the battle commenced and they proved to be worthy adversaries. Flicking between verses of scripture at astounding speed they were able to answer every question father hurled at them. Impressed by how well they knew the Bible father agreed to see them again. Soon the smart men in suits with briefcases and fast Bibles were calling every week to conduct an hour-long Bible study with my parents. They seemed to be a godsend. Indeed, they claimed they were."

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