The new LDC / RBC Requirements

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  • adjusted knowledge
    adjusted knowledge
    They will always have loyal followers no matter what they do. People have spent their entire lives in this religion. To "wake" up 50 to 60 years in is very hard. I think back to this one woman who was born in as a JW, and is now 48. Her elder husband she was married to for 30 years died of cancer last year. He refused blood transfusion and told her to stay faithful to the end. Think she will stop believing for any reason? Her story is not unique. Too many have their ENTIRE life invested, and refuse to wake up. To go from hoping and believing you will see your dead loves ones, to now accepting the fact that it may never happen, and most your life is over with, is impossible for most to accept.
  • joe134cd

    I remember there was a brother in my congregation who was a substitute CO and I remember publicly voicing my disapproval of this. Actually I felt sorry for him and his wife, as the guy had a mortgage and a good paying job to maintain, yet he was at the beck and call to drop everything from one week to the next when an existing Co couldn't make an appointment.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher
    "Listen, Obey, & be Depressed"..................
  • DwainBowman

    Sorry, I forget were all not keeping up with the cart : )

    The first KH building program was called "Quick Build" and got started in the late 70's early 80's. It took some time to soak in that building a KH in 3 days did not make a very good building, and most of them started having problems quickly! That was replaced by the RBC, Regional Building, in this system, states were cut up into areas, and the projects expanded to 2, 3 day weekends. And much tighter control on the workers, with everyone having to apply, and be approved by the elders, and the RBC. Now enter the LDC, Local Design, it breaks the country into 11? LDC areas, the power is totally removed from local elders over anything but truly minor repair work on there KH. The 11? LDC's decide everything 100%. KH's will be inspected on a regular basis, by an inspection team, that report to the RDC. There are also teams that will go out and teach local cong, the proper up keep, and cleaning process, and products. One floor plan, adjustable in size. NO local choice in anything!

  • hoser

    One floor plan, adjustable in size. NO local choice in anything!

    just like mcdonalds!

  • DwainBowman
    Not even a choice to build a new KH, or even where to put one if needed!
  • stillin

    It's funny, though. Those so-called "2-day miracles" we're a blast to build. They got done on sheer joy and the spirit of volunteerism. Now when the "committee" says "jump!" you had better say "how high?" or they find a more "spiritual" person to do your job and get all of the bragging rights that go with it.

    or maybe I've just gotten cynical

  • DwainBowman

    I totally agree Stillin, I spent many long days and nights on KH projects, back when I was able. And before that, day and night at CA/DC! I have so many Wonder fun memories from all of those days!

    I even have many greast memories from pioneering, and fs!

    But when you get your eyes open, to the truth of the matter, it hurts on such a deep level!


  • _Morpheus
    As a side point i saw very early on that the 'two day miracle' was anything but. My crew was called in the thursday before to begin carpentry work and the concrete was poured weeks in advance which involved a lot of plumbing and other trades. In the weekend of miracles prefabed walls were ercted, roof trusses set and inside finishing done. A lot of work to be sure but not a miracle. And there were always dozens of people milling about with nothing to do
  • StephaneLaliberte

    I was raised in the truth and participated to some building work and very early on (before I was 20), I questioned in what way building stuff had anything to do with the preaching work.... when they get to the point of building a hall, they have a steady income by that point. So, why not get a mortgage with a bank?

    Don't get me wrong, I do appreciate the idea of maintenance work and small repairs being done by volunteers. But full blown construction projects where people are taken out of their house for months on ends... what does that have to do with Christianity?

    When they start any sizable project, they compare with the construction of the temple... the same temple that Jesus said he would bring down as the truth was not in a building, but in people's heart!

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