The new LDC / RBC Requirements

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  • DwainBowman

    The New LDC / RBC. Requirements

    There are many requirements, but when you get to the end of the form. Here it explains, that if you sign and send in the form, your agreeing, that the LDC must come first. If they call today with an assignment, you must be ready to drop everything, and go to that assignment, maybe in a few days, and be ready to stay up to 6 months maybe longer!

    My B I L, was an RBC paint crew captain, he was so excited about this new program, and getting "USED" in a larger area, and getting to hob nob, with even higher up big shots than ever before. That's all I have hears about, until this morning. He came to my shop looking pretty upset. He told me about that requirement, and that there was just no way, he could agree to it! Being a small big shout in the RBC, with Hope's of moving up the food chain, being smashed, in a matter of seconds!

    I had a hard time feeling sorry for him!

    This is going to blow a lot of peoples, Wet dreams!

    “We believe the reality that is presented to us.”
    "Never push a Loyal person, to the point, they no longer, give a DAMM"
    So oftentimes it happens that we live our lives in chains, and we never even know we have the key...
  • zeb
  • _Morpheus
    Id love to see that new application. Seems like they are askimg a lot of a volunteer work force, very impractical.
  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    "Never push a Loyal person, to the point, they no longer, give a DAMM"

    Ironically it's the most loyal who make the worse enemy when they turn on those they had loyalty to.

  • JWdaughter
    The saying about not pushing a loyal person too far. . .I think that is why the org will run out of people before they run out of money. This is one thing- but all the things are piling up. Shunning family members, alienating non JW family, blood insanity/hypocrisy, overlapping(!) Generations, the money and property grab. . .They are demanding too much. I honestly think they are happy to lose 95%+ of the people. Their assets will last forever if they do that. No work, enjoy the beach and ski resort properties.
  • ducatijoe

    Many of us dropped everything and went when we were called. Me and my crew worked on 53 Kingdom Halls .

    Numerous times we spent two weeks or more when asked and flew to New York. On on trip in 2005 we put our personal work on hold and went to Brooklyn . We were assigned to build with steel studs and plastic sheeting, mock up apartments in an empty area so the Bethelites could get a better idea of what their new rooms would look like once their building was remodeled. In times past, many who "bid" on their future room were disappointed once the rooms were finally completed. This way they could walk through all the floor plans.

    Even then I thought what a waist of my time. I had stressed over putting work on hold as well as spending time away from my family to help picky, un appreciate Bethel workers be able to imagine their new home.

    And now they are selling all the properties for massive profits.

    WTF.... I WANT A REFUND!!! Just kidin! Keep my time... I am so happy to be out.

  • JakeM2012


    Interesting developments. I'm wondering if they have these new requirements because they are realizing that they have many more mature witnesses waking up to their BS, including a list of elders that will continue to post the Letters to the Elders before they are even available to most elders, etc?

    If they make it more demanding to participate in the LDC then only the most devoted hypnotised will participate. They mentioned in their original talk, introducing the LDC, that they were going to eliminate people like Gideon did down to 300 men, "to show that Jehovah is behind their work".

    Another thing is, maybe they realize that the majority of their RBC workers are aging and the younger ones are not replacing them. So drastically cut the participants and lean out the workers make the die off of workers seem less.

    I know this,... I have relatives working on the Warwick project that are in their mid 60's, if the WTBTS needs your skills it doesn't matter how old you are, they will roll out the red carpet and do whatever they need to love bomb you so that you will stay to build their retirement home. If your wife is elderly and can't work a full week, then she can work two days. Remember they said that anyone over 50? could not work at Warwick? Well, evidently that is not set in stone orrrrrr, the whole truth.

  • JakeM2012


    Yep, I remember the first time I worked at Wallkill Watchtower Farms a brother that had a very successful business was in the sheet metal shop building a mechanic's parts washing tub that you can buy at Northern Tool or Granger Supply for around $200. He was so upset, he was spitting nails. Temporary workers were always disposable trash to Watchtower. Oh, well, really all the workers are.

    When I worked at some of the foreign branches, we did the same thing for the Branch Committee because they couldn't read a plan and visualize. I can understand having an artist do a rendering but build a mock up?? Total Waste of time.

  • LostGeneration

    Be ready to stay up to six months????

    These guys really are smokin a jehoobie-doobie if they think they can have an unpaid, on call workforce six months at a time!

  • cultBgone
    Many of the born-ins who are in their twenties and thirties still see this as a "privilege" and have families who financially support them as it proves how well they have raised their children...ergo, how much more "spiritual" they are than everyone else. Pillars of the jdub community, you know...

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