Hey, I'm new here

by Disposable Hero 32 Replies latest jw friends

  • AjaxMan

    Welcome Aboard, DH!

    Glad that you're using your mind, thinking and researching.

    I bet you being a Metallica Fan, you can relate the JWs with songs like: "Master of Puppets", "The Unforgiven" and "Kill'Em All" (for their Armageddon views).

    Anyways, Welcome!!

  • mouthy

    Hi DH glad to have you aboard-
    I guess your sin of "independent thinking" has given you exactly what
    we all look forward to LIFE!!!! Away to go!!!That is encouraging to so many......

  • JBean

    Welcome, DH! I'm impressed... finding out the truth about the "truth" so young!!! May I ask how old you and your sister are now? Looking forward to your posts! Jbean

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