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  • Disposable Hero
    Disposable Hero

    I have frequented this site quite a bit, but I now have finally joined. Since I seen many other people's posts I will tell
    a little about myself. I grew up with my mother in the "truth" but my father was not. Even though I was dragged to
    the hall until I was 13 I lived a relatively normal life having many "worldly" friends and playing many sports. The only time
    I went to the hall was for funerals after I was about 13. When I entered university my mother fell ill and died within a year.
    After her death I felt that I needed to find out about the truth, if it was right or what. So I started going to meetings with
    my sister but I at the same time I was secretly researching about the watchtower from the internet, and the library. I also
    used the kingdom hall to verify references I was given from the "apostates" on the web. It did not take very long to figure
    out that this was not god's organization. It took awhile but I also helped my sister see the light. ( no, it was not new light)
    Currently I am working on a letter to the society. I would really like to thank people like Randi, Bill Bowen, Quotes + Beans on this discussion forum and other people for the work they are doing. I look forward to hearing from everybody.

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  • dmouse

    Well Hi!

  • sunscapes

    Welcome home! yes, in your secret research, you will see how much the WTS digs their own holes, yet the demonize and chastise 'apostates' and 'opposers' for bringing them out into the open.

  • VioletAnai

    A big warm, friendly smile and hug! Hope you enjoy yer stay here!

    You've been a BAD boy, go to MY room

  • bitter mango
    bitter mango

    (¯`·.¸the agents of oblivion descend upon the sane¸.·´¯)

  • Carmel

    Boy, Howdy!

    Pull up a chair and we'll pour you a cup of tea!

    Hey, waiting, get yer skinny butt over here. We got a newby!


  • ring


  • termite 35
    termite 35

    HI! Well done; clever you! x

  • ChakkaConned

    Nice to meet you DH!

    Looking forward to hearing more from you :)


  • WildTurkey

    Howdy and welcome, we will treat you so many ways in here your bound to like one.

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