Today's Watchtower Study, from Feb 15th " Jehovah Guides......."

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  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Back in August 15, 2011 the Watchtower on page 4 had this illustration hinting that computers and the internet were tools of Satan the Devil with this forewarning on page 3: “…the internet can misinform us, consume an inordinate amount of our time, and corrupt us morally….” Then on page 5 paragraph 2 WT offers this stern advice to the JW rank and file: “…use the internet only when others are present.”

    Today the scene has changed drastically. Just a few years later the WTBTS is otherwise better known by their internet website buz-name Today each and every member of most JW households (very young included) has his and her own personal laptop, ipad, smart phone and whatever other electronic devices available for accessing the internet. JW family members are not viewing the internet in an open room when others are present, as previously adviced, but in the privacy of ones’ bedroom, restroom, office and automobile. JWs young and old alike have at their disposal ‘incognito’ tools on these devices to prevent others from knowing what questionable & moral corrupting websites JW family members are visiting. And especially now more than ever are JWs strongly urged by their GB to stay close in touch with the ‘Mother’ organization via the internet which (according to Feb 15, 2015 Study Watchtower page 28 paragraph 16) is less and less viewed as Satan the Devil’s tool but now, rather, Jehovah God’s provision to his people for preaching the ‘Word’.

    What a bizarre twist and bizarre leadership by the WTBTS!

  • Xanthippe
    This is all part of the move away from the end is coming one generation after 1914 I think. They now have been given a peaceful world to preach in for, oh maybe twenty or thirty more years, or even a hundred, depending how you overlap those generations.
  • stuckinarut2

    Just stop and think of this for a minute:

    It is ALWAYS nearing the "end of the world".....

  • Finkelstein

    If Jehovah is guiding this organization alone then he must be quite the bullshitter because the men he has chosen

    to inform and guide through his holy spirit continuously bullshit and lie.

  • steve2

    Why would the "true" God have put so many obstacles in the path of people deciding who really is His channel of truth?

    It is hard to get bigger obstacles that the narcissistically flaky Chuck Russell or the narcisstically dictatorial Rutherford - both supposed channels of "truth" who chopped and changed the "truth" at will, to say nothing of the numberless changes in teachings and policies since their deaths?

    In keeping with vthe PR-ethos of the current times, the "Big Eight" leaders are hardly paragons of humility,mercy and love.

  • Floodguy

    The more they talk, or write, the deeper the hole gets. It seems the scripture that says "to the writing of many books there is no end, and much attention to them is wearisome to the soul", is lost on them.

    When I challenged an elder on the "day/age" view by bringing up the massive problems with radio metric dating, he got upset and said that he's googled the issue and 6000000 pages came up; "am I supposed to read all of them? You know (quote scripture above).

    No, I said, I only had to read two or three myself. Want me to show you? "No, I have no time for that, I can hardly keep up with everything from the organization".

    Almost in the same breath. He really did look haggard, too, poor guy.

  • Pubsinger
    Ha ha in Blues Brother's original post/quote didn't they just use an 'anti-type' by quoting Isaiah about "drinking the nations' milk" !!!

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