I was happy as a JW! How did I end up here?( 4)

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  • MC RubberMallet
    MC RubberMallet

    Continued from http://www.jehovahs-witness.net/watchtower/beliefs/239443/1/I-was-HAPPY-as-a-JW-How-did-I-end-up-here-Pt-3

    I start getting calls from elders in my hall. I never answered them. When I pull up from work, there are two elders waiting for me on my porch. I'm pissed! But I held it, and realized they were probably seriously concerned as I'd been MIA. But they had suits on. I don't know why, but be true brothers and come by from work or whatever if it was true concern. Don't come at me like this is some formal business meeting with briefcases and papers and such. That's why I was turned off. But I let them in. They start inquiring. I maintain silence about my issues. They pry, and pry, and pry, and pry. I am so tempted to leave give them hell, but I didn't have any materials ready. I like facts, and I would like to SHOW them the lies and discrepancies I found. The hypocrisy and double talk. But I had nothing prepared. But I bit. I really wish I hadn't. But I wanted to serve them. So I simply asked one thing (I stole from this site).

    Me: Prove to me using Bible ONLY Jesus chose Jehovah's Witnesses in 1919.

    I don't believe any of the Bible at that point, but I play like I do to get them to start thinking...

    Elder 1: Oh no, we're not doing this...
    I realized in conversation, BOTH brothers were 1975 apologists. "The society never wrote that!" & "You weren't born so you have no idea!" The conversation was 4 hours! I'm asking questions, making no statements though, as to not incriminate myself. They had no answers. None at all.
    Me: You cannot answer any of my questions from the Bible. And the answers you do try to give, you have to force several random scriptures into one meaning. But it takes me 1 scripture to counteract all that you've built up... You will convince yourselves this is the truth. I was never trying to convince myself what I thought I knew was the truth. I was always more into making sure what I believed is the truth. You brothers can't handle that. Now please leave.
    Elder 1: Don't try to convince us! I believe the GB has the truth. I love them! They have my best interests at heart! Not you! Why should we listen to you?!
    Elder 2: (Has this look like, "I wouldn't go that far, my nigga." lol) Let's calm down... So, are you disassociating yourself?
    Me: Listen, I'm not playing your game.
    Elder 2: We can just announce you as not being one of Jehovah's Witnesses. We are not disfellowshipping you.
    Me: Do you think I'm stupid?... At this moment, I'm still an elder! You think you can run that game on me like I'm some dumbass?
    Elder2: If the friends think you're disfellowshipped, that's on them. But if they ask us, we will just say you are no longer one of Jehovah's Witnesses. Nothing else.
    Me: What reason do you have to announce my name from the stage like I'm an unrepentant sinner? That's most certainly what the announcement will tell the friends.
    Elder1: We will be expecting your letter.
    Me: So for the first two hours of our conversation, neither one of you even opened your Bible. Am I lying?
    Them: No, (my name in a deflated voice)
    Me: All you do is try to quote from memory the supposed WT teaching. So you aren't even sure what the truth is. Then for the next 2 hours, the both of you pull up completely incoherent scriptures, one from Zephaniah, one from Matthew, one from Genesis, one from Revelation to "PROVE" to me the name Kingdom Hall is in the Bible. Not one scripture on its own is sufficient. So you pull this junk out your butt and claim this is why only we have the truth. I show you direct scriptures to demonstrate your answer has no merit, but the best you got is, Be loyal. I ask you to explain clear scriptures and you remain silent because logic tells you one thing but GB articles says another (I mentioned the 7 trumpet blasts). I tell you my loyalty is to Jehovah, I obey God as ruler rather than men, I will not put my trust in nobles nor earthling men, I will call anyone on earth my teacher, I will not accept any mediator bewteen me and Christ, which are all scriptural points, and your answer is ignore all of that, then announce me off the stage. And you think Jehovah is guiding you?! Seriously?!
    Elder1: Being loyal to those whom Jehovah put in charge is being loyal to Jehovah. The scriptures you stated are correct.
    Me: But my point is I have scriptural evidence AGAINST them being used by Jehovah! Damn! How could ya'll..... It don't matter. Get out. Thanks your wives for letting you stay out the house this late.

    These are two elders I served with for only a short while, and I actually liked them. Elder1 was one of those elders that knew everything before it was discovered. You know the elder that nothing surprises him because he been there done that? And he's two steps ahead of everyone else, always? And he knows things you don't? And you thinking is always unreasonable so he has to readjust ALL THE TIME. And he is well studied and been around the world, so he can be very intimidating when he speaks confidently. EVERY SINGLE elders meeting included at least one 10-minute soliliquoy from him, even if the meeting was just choosing a cleaning captain for the memorial. And he always needed to take over the meeting and would cut people off. But he had good qualities too, but I don't care about those once you try to disrespect me in my home.

    Elder2 was the exact opposite. He was a good listener. Very patient. And he has a stare that feels like he can read your mind and is condemning you. He speaks very deliberately. He was more intimidating IMO because I didn't have any info in front of me, so I wasn't as effective as I should have been. And I did get stumbled at times, and even confused when they didn't give usual WT rhetoric to some answers, but rather reasonable replies. And I know he sensed it, so I may have come off weak to him. But who cares. That was over.

    But the "love" of the friends I vouched for unfailingly, most certainly failed me.

    I will have to write the last of it all in the next thread I post.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Whoa! That was one hell of a conversation!

    Again, I have to admit, if it ever came to this sort of questioning with me that you or RAYPUBLISHER went through, I honestly could not be bothered.

    I like RAYPUBLISHER's ideal of "letting his light shine", but frankly, I think I would be wasting my time.

    I think if we were me (or perhaps, when it is me) I would simply state that I would prefer not to discuss my personal thoughts and wish to terminate the conversation immediately. Have a great day.

  • MC RubberMallet
    MC RubberMallet

    That has been my answer since.... They just don't get it.

  • Diest

    Great story. Any story that includes; "I wouldn't go that far, my nigga" and soliliquoy is bound for greatness.

  • purpleplus

    Ooooooh, you told them!!! (Snapping my fingers in a "Z" and craning my neck)

  • MC RubberMallet
    MC RubberMallet

    I misspelled soliloquy? I should kick myself! I personally do not make habit of using the 'N' word, but the look on the elders face said exactly that phrase. There is no more accurate way to express it.

    Thanks Diest and purpleplus!

  • Sauerkraut
    Elder1: We will be expecting your letter.

    That's a great example of shepherding there, I'm impressed. It's funny how they expect people to do their dirty work for them. Push you to get out, then they'll slander you later on. At that point I would have told them that I expect them to leave. Their motivation clearly wasn't a good one.

    Elder 2: We can just announce you as not being one of Jehovah's Witnesses. We are not disfellowshipping you.

    He must be living in the past, when disassociating and disfellowshipping didn't have the same consequences.

    I realized in conversation, BOTH brothers were 1975 apologists. "The society never wrote that!" & "You weren't born so you have no idea!"

    Not long ago I had a discussion about that with a friend? who also said to me that back then the Society never said anything about the end coming in 1975, I told him to check the library. In a few minutes you can see the preposterous statements they made in the late sixties. This kind of ignorance is crazy. You don't have to have been alive then to know how badly they messed up. Worst part is how the Society never took any responsibility for it, just blamed it on the overeager publishers.

  • Meadow36
    Elder 1: Oh no, we're not doing this...

    I wonder...you're having "that" conversation with the Elders. You take the plunge down the rabbit hole, uttering any fateful combination of words or phrases which spell out APOSTATE to them. Do they try to "reason" you back from that? Does it ever work?

    I appreciate your bravery - I would have been a nervous wreck! You do a great job telling your story. Oh and what were they talking about saying "we'll just announce you are no longer a JW you won't be DF'd..." If them saying that (from the stage) means your not DF'd then maybe I'm not DF'd!

  • Tater-T

    good work.. can't wait

  • blindnomore

    MC, I have a tremendous respect for your standing up for the right thing and did not give in to fear of men.

    I was df'ed for speaking out and exposing Jehovah's Witnesses elders abusiveness toward young people. The saddest part of all was that not one JW did the right thing but fully knowingly they all either condonned or supported elders heinous behavior out of fear of men. JWs have thoroughly proved who they really are worshiping. The elders even before the GB!

    Thanks again for sharing your story with us.

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