I was happy as a JW! How did I end up here?( 4)

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  • BluesBrother

    Forgive for only now catching up with chapter 3 of the exit, but you said in the other thread:

    Then I got to the point where I was SURE, 100%, they did not have the truth. It was heartbreaking. It was the only life I knew. I had friends, many family, goals, achievements, all tied to JW's. And now it was over. It was over... (heavy sigh).

    Oh man! I know exactly that feeling. The incredulity of believing that all these good men that one has known, and the teaching that shaped your very life - could all be totally wrong! - but it was......

    As we started on a new life we were indeed babes. It was like being a refugee plonked in a foreign land with no preparation and having no knowledge of how to live in it , but we go by

    What you said above is instructive. I am sure that it will help others planning their course

  • tootired2care

    Good stuff, thanks for sharing your story. I would love to know some of those scriptures that you used to counter their arguments.

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