2012 Annual Meeting

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  • Satanus

    It has been such, effectively, for yrs. This is making it codified, the closing of a loophole. They are the equivalent to the pope of the roman catholic church.


  • Recovery

    I have a feeling a lot of anti JW websites will now have to remove some of their FDS arguments LOL

  • Recovery

    There are no popes and no men of absolute authority in Gods organization. Just ask Ray Franz.

  • MrFreeze

    Why Recovery, because the WT keeps switching things up? Don't worry, those anti-JW sites will have plenty of material to work from due to the claims they've just made.

  • rather be in hades
    rather be in hades

    but they are appointed by holy spirit according to your literature.

    which brings to mind a particular question...

  • EndofMysteries

    No Recovery, just ask Judge Rutherford.

  • puffthedragon

    the poster on r/exjw says they should have it up next week, I will share once its available.

    here is the thread where an attendee posted on r/exjw


  • Leolaia
    Then they spent an hour explaining how the faithful and discreet slave is no longer all anointed people but just the GB as a unit.

    Wow, FINALLY they tackled that one....they're been using "F&DS class" as a proxy for the actual religious leadership (whether the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society or the GB) ever since Rutherford tried to get Bible Students to stop thinking of Russell as the "faithful and wise servant" by generalizing this figure to the entire anointed class. Everyone knows it really refers to the GB....I remember thinking in the '80s it was lame to hold that it refers to the anointed as a whole in theory.

  • Sauerkraut
    Then they spent an hour explaining how the faithful and discreet slave is no longer all anointed people but just the GB as a unit.

    If I weren't out mentally, then this would have been my final wakeup call.

  • panhandlegirl

    Yes, I can't wait to see something in print myself.

    If I weren't out mentally, then this would have been my final wakeup call.

    Saurekraut, that would be my cue to leave also, if I wasn't already out.How arrogant of them.


  • grumblecakes


    its kinda seemed like over the last year or so the tone of the WT has kinda been to prime the r&f for something (peppering the literature with rhetorical loyalty questions, even more so than in years past). i feel like their ultimate aggenda is a long con, and they are slowly getting more agressive as far as demanding the sort of undying ultimate loyalty that would/should only be reserved for God himself. now they say this. Damn.

    they already enjoy wealth and stature and adoration...i just cant fathom what the hell else they want?!

  • Sauerkraut

    @Panhandlegirl: the irony is that these men are neither faithful (except to themselves and their predecessors), nor are they discreet. And they're not slaves either, they act in the manner a master would act, it's as if they think they can just take the master from the parable out of the picture and instert themselves into that postition. When this will be printed it should open the eyes of everyone inside who still has some sense left, hopefully.

  • Vidqun

    Well, it's not such a bad thing. Ultimately, when things go wrong and the brown matter hits the fan, then they must take responsibility. Blame will go there where it's due. They have effectively put their heads on the block. Let's hope for their sake, the axeman is a long way off.

  • cedars

    I refuse to believe it until I see it in print, or verified by at least a couple of other sources. That's way too big to let slip at an AGM, unless the GB is now even lazier than I give them credit for.

    Recovery said...

    I have a feeling a lot of anti JW websites will now have to remove some of their FDS arguments LOL

    It will be an afternoon's work for me to update my articles.

    The Watchtower, on the other hand, needs to provide a plausible explanation as to how Jesus selected an entity to be his Faithful and Discreet Slave in 1919 that didn't exist until 1971. I don't envy them.

    Back to sleep...


  • shopaholic

    The FDS now only refers to the GB? I figured that out when I was a kid and none of the "regular" anointed had anything to do with the teachings or direction of the organization. This should appear in a study article early next year.

    Sauerkraut, I don't think this will wake many JWs. They will continue to wait on Jehovah.

  • MC RubberMallet
    MC RubberMallet

    Nope. It's wonderful new light! Now God has clarified the matter! All you apostates had to do was wait on Jehovah!

    But seriously, now they have to tackle and move around so much important doctrine, they will have to do even more aggressive scriptural origami.

  • Theocratic Sedition
    Theocratic Sedition

    That aint nothing new, everybody already assumed the GB viewed themselves as such from whats been printed and especially emphasized for the past decade. Why'd they invite all the missionaries back home to hear this declaration though? By the way youve got to be an arrogant piece of work to call yourself the faithful and discreet slave.

    On another note this thread has me feeling angry. Excuse my language, but what a big fuckin letdown. Disappointed in myself for even caring about this bullshit. God has got to be the most indifferent asshole if he/it even exists. Eat drink for tomorrow God will allow several old white dudes and a token black to take advantage of millions of people.

  • elderelite

    Rotfl!!!! I told you miz. One lie for another is nothing to lose sleep over

  • Leolaia

    If the rumor is true, the publications can now just say "the FDS" when referring to the GB instead of saying in a roundabout fashion "the faithful and discreet slave class of which the GB forms a part". It's a Simplification.™

  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    The meeting also announced that the next edition of the New World Translation will have an accompanying revision of Matt 24:45-47 containing the following conjectural emendations:

    Instead of "Who really is the faithful and discreet slave...?" it will say "The Governing Body is the faithful and discreet slave...!"

    It will also replace the words "...on arriving finds him doing so..." with "...in 1971 finds him doing so..."

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