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    What better way to spend the day at a coffe shop (Or wine bar I might add!)

    Before we were married, my spouse lived in Columbus, Ohio. On the weekends I made the 160 mile round trip, and we spent many wonderful hours at Stauf's Coffee Shop. It's a place where graduate students, professors, lovers, etc would hang out reading, talking, and drinking coffee. I've been in love with my spouse and a good cup of coffee ever since.

    As a side note, I collect antique coffee grinders. I have over 50 different grinders ranging in age from 250 to 40 years old. The history of coffee in the United States also shares something in common with the Watchtower location. Here's a quick history lesson:

    Up until around 1859 a cup of coffee was available only to those who could afford green coffee beans, roast them, and grind the roasted beans. The green coffee beans were expensive, roasting was not a fine art, and coffee grinders (called coffee mills) were few in number. John Arbuckle was born in Allegheny, PA in 1839. John's elder brother had a wholesale grocery business in Pittsburgh, and in time both became owners of the Arbuckle Brothers.

    John Arbuckle was the first to ship small 1-pound packets of roaster whole bean coffee around the states and colonies 1865. (This started a huge increase in coffee mill manufacturing in the states.) By 1873, those packages of coffee were marketed throughout the entire nation. By the middle of 1870's it was apparent business opportunities were greater in New York, and John Arbuckle established a company concentrated solely on coffee. That great company, Arbuckles' Ariosa Coffee, was located in Brooklyn, NY at the foot of Adams and Jay Streets. The company was in business until the depression of the 1930's. The Pittsburgh to Brooklyn history of coffee and the Watchtower in the United States is interesting. The Brooklyn location of Arbuckle Brothers and the Watchtower Society are nearly identical.

    Anyway, "JAVA" was an easy pick for me when I joined this group.

    --JAVA, a cup without coffee is like a room without windows

  • mommy

    Thanks for the history lesson. That was very interesting.

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