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  • doinmypart

    Thanks to everyone for the kind words. I'll be hanging around here, I hope to post more and not just look.

    Ranchette- I appreciate what you wrote. At the moment my wife is very much pro-JW. In the past I've tried the hard core approach, with the things I learned about our religion. Now I understand that I need to use more tact and subtlety. I'm trying. I know that many were/are hurt by the things elders say and do, I've tried to balance my elder body by being as "liberal" as possible and take up for the friends when and where I can. I'm not trying to be anybody's Knight in Shining Armor, I just think the elders, COs, DOs, etc can be a bit more reasonable. Perhaps I'm being naive.
    Farkel- you are absolutely correct about making a difference. I'm sure there are a lot of people out there that benefit from this 'net thang!

  • Seven

    Many thanks Doinmypart and welcome to the board.

  • Axelspeed

    doinmypart, I think there are many lurkers who are in that situation and I completely understand. There have been times when I wanted to contribute more, but I'm still reluctant sometimes.

    BTW...The letter is legit.

  • sf

    Please cut/paste the text of these pages.
    Thank you, sKally

  • dungbeetle

    hey, doinmypart, go here and do some more:

    that's the least an 'elder' can do, dontcha think?

  • Dutchie

    Enjoyed reading the letter and I appreciate the effort that you made to get it posted here.

    When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. That’s my religion. Abraham Lincoln

  • dmouse

    Welcome doingmypart and Axelspeed.

    Now that wasn't so bad was it? In fact feels kinda good don't it?

    I wonder how many more good people like yourselves are out there too afraid to start posting?

  • Simon

    I've posted the text on the other thread sf.

  • jst2laws

    Hello doinmypart.

    You have recieved a fine welcome. I too can remember the anxious moment when I for the first time hit the "send" button. You are now 'doin your part'. Hang in there. There are others here who understand what you are going through.

    E-mail me if you like.


  • Smoldering Wick
    Smoldering Wick

    Hi doinmypart & Welcome!

    It's interesting to see after legal situations of late that the Society is now more 'concerned' about how certain things are handled.

    Looks like a tighter rein on the r&f through the bookstudy, a more careful use of terminology, lowering the 1 hour minimum to 15 minutes for special cases (so these do not get classified as inactive), the handling of marital, sexual abuse & judicial problems seems more like an avoidance of getting sued rather than genuine 'concern.' It also looks like security issues have become a hot topic...and there will be more of a lookout for suspicious elders trying to infiltrate the 'flock.'

    What a fun time to be a secret Apostate elder!

    Since, I lost my faith in JWs AFTER I actually stopped attending meetings...what does it feel like to know what you know and pretend you don't???

    Best Wishes...looking forward to getting more inside "scoops."



    "God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh." ~Voltaire

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