Brothers playing sports are so aggressive.

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  • Kaiser

    This summer i started to play football(soccer) with "wordly" people. It´s been so nice and relaxing without flashovers.

    Contrast for playing with witnesses is huge! Here is couple examples of witnesses games from where i live:

    - In floorball, elder crosschecked sister from behind towards the wall she got stitchs on her face.

    - Icehockey game between congregations of two different city ended to mass brawl, aftermath: It was announced that if you go again to play this kind of competive game and you are ministry servant/elder, you will lose your status/benefits in congregation.

    - Football(soccer) games got nasty, brother hit the opponents team player´s backneck with his elbow game ended up with threats: "do it again and you will never walk again!"

    - Again floorball, game was interrupted as brothers started to fight with their sticks against each others. Results: a few of bleeding lips and angry speech from elder.

    And so on, i have witnessed many similar flashover, sometimes i even participated myself. Anyone got similar experience of "relaxing paradise style sporting event?"

    Thank "god" that now i can enjoy sports with wicked and evil people!

  • baltar447

    Oh tell me about it. I've almost gotten into fistfights on the basketball court many a time...

  • mrsampl3

    talk about friendly jw games :D

  • Iamallcool

    Well, when I was a teenager and a brother around my age did not like me at all because I took his girl away from him. He was very angry with me. When we played football. I was the wide receiver and he was the cornerback facing me. When I caught the ball while running on pretty good speed and he was on full speed. He runs faster little bit than me and he hit on my leg very hard and I had to be on crutches for few months. Nothing is done to him judicially.


    JW's have a lot of anger, especially the men. They are constantly emasculated so sports are the only place they even feel like men. Let's face it the bedroom is out of the question for most as far as manliness goes. Some of the worst cussing and fighting happens at JW games. I quit playing for 3 main reasons:

    1) 99% of JW's suck at every sport, playing with them was just too painful! ( Hey!! How about we play a regular game except we have 5 times the amount of people, and kids and old folks!! Oh, one more thing, no coordination allowed!! Save the energy for placing magazines!!!)

    2) I grew up fighting with older siblings as recreation, the temptation to kill an a-hole dub was too tempting.

    3) I had a daughter and mellowed..... a little

  • nuthouse escapee
    nuthouse escapee

    Had the same thought as Data Dog. It's the only time the brothers can feel like men and let the testosterone flow. -Leslie-

  • NewChapter

    LOL---that's cuz they are told that if they take part in competitive sports they will immediately become aggressive. It's the same reason why when a couple is left alone without a chaperone they immediately have sex!

  • King Solomon
    King Solomon

    Ahhh, that reminds me of Jesus' words: "and you will know them by their fruits, bruises, cuts, contusions, abrasions, etc." Cancha just feel all that brotherly and sisterly ?

  • NVR2L8

    I use to play hockey 3 times a week with the brothers and the games were rough and very aggressive. Some were getting seriously injured resulting from cheap shots. Now I play on local teams and I enjoy the games as never before. I am glad JWs kicked me out of their team for not attending the meetings. One team I play for is made up of professionals and we hang around after the games. Some have become good friends in a very short time. They even enquire when I miss a game...unlike my JW friends who haven't called in over 2 years since I stopped going to the meetings.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I knew of one brother who lost his eye sight in one eye because some brother hit him so hard playing baseball. Another bother hurt his leg and was out of work for over three months though he was a strange guy, became an elder after he was baptized for hardly a year as he was a real kiss butt kind of guy, everyone was there at the hospital when he went to the ER after he got hurt playing basketball yet my husband had a heart attack while conducting the school and no one came up to be with me. OH the love of the brothers and sisters. By their love you will know that you have the "truth".


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