Very Good News Regarding Inexpensive Green Energy That Can Drastically Change Our World

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  • EntirelyPossible

    Not to be disrespectful or mean, but rather to stay in the spirit of your thread, I would say: Investigate or shut up.

    I know you didn't fall off the turnip truck yesterday, it was clearly the day before that.

    You are the one making the claim, you have stepped, all by yourself, into the priviledged position of having to put up or shut up. What are the patents? What are they about? What is NASA's official statement about this? What about CERN and DARPA?

    You see, you start the thread, you get to defend what you say. When you blow it off with a "research it yourself", you are just looking like a petulant child that got caught making outlandish claims and says "well, you can't prove I don't have elves for friends!"

  • EntirelyPossible

    But, thanks to the Internet these things can be found.

    Have you ever heard of Rule 34?

  • JamesThomas


    I doubt that there is anything I can say to you that will change your perspective. But, fool that I am, here goes.

    I can only say that there is real and valid information on the web that backs up my claims of the validity of LENR, and its near term commercialization.

    We can both sit and argue all day, but only diligent investigation will answer our doubts. Don't you agree? That is why I have said from the beginning of this thread to please investigate. Sometimes important information is just not dumped in our fucking lap.

    You ask if I have ever heard of "rule 34". As far as I can discern, this only comes to play when you are brain-dead and believe what is first presented to you, and so we have a "porn" of false information on the web to feed our fantasy. This has absolutely nothing to do with diligent research into the science of LENR, and the companies and the people who back them. Have you ever heard of diligent research?

    What else do you want from me? Or a better question may be: what do you expect from yourself and your own learning abilities and willingness to investigate into things you may know nothing about?

    I want to say that though I may seem a little harsh, I mean no disrespect to you or anyone. It is just that I am presented here and in other places, time and time again with the same arguments presented by people who have done no research and/or who refuse to. It's like hitting your head against a brick wall. It hurts.

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