Very Good News Regarding Inexpensive Green Energy That Can Drastically Change Our World

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  • james_woods

    This is pointless to debate, (as some hold this as an idee fixe) but the whole notion has been around for two decades or more and is rife with fraud.

    There is no legitimate scientific basis.

  • JamesThomas

    James woods,

    I agree with you that LENR is rife with fraud. However, from my research: the biggest fraud is that there is nothing here to move on.

    Please research the latest data. See for yourself if NASA and others I have mentioned, still embrace the same old paradigm of twenty years ago or have drastically moved on in the opposite direction of validating LENR.

    James, I could post numerous threads from major researchers who argue my point. But I'm not going to that. Rather, my hope is that those who are truly interested and want to be up to date will do the research themselves. That's the only way they can be really be convinced of a new paradigm of clean, life-changing future for humanity.


  • james_woods

    We shall see, James Thomas.

    But I suspect that we can go another 20 years and nothing will have come of this.

  • botchtowersociety

    I'd look at what they are doing at EMC2 Fusion. They have Navy contracts to develop the tech. The technology is inertial electrostatic confinement fusion. The co was founded by Robert Bussard, who had first class credentials. He famously once came up with the idea for an interstellar ramjet. I've spoken with Dr. Nebel, who heads up the company since Bussard passed.

    There is also Lawrenceville Plasma Physics, they do a laser focus fusion, which is kind of cool because it produces a direct electrical current without having to convert from something else, but the founder has some crazy ideas about how the Universe works.

    This LENR stuff mentioned in the thread is interesting. I wouldn't definitively rule it out.


    Greek company Deykalion has done serious research on LENR. A lot more needs to be addressed but the mass production of reactors is not science fiction:

    2012-08-08_NIWeek_ Defkalion Technical presentation_ J Hadjichristos.pdf

    So the News are very Good indeed!

  • JamesThomas


    Also checkout Brillion Energy Corporation of Berkeley Calif. Just a few miles away from where I live.

  • HintOfLime

    I think the old expression is "Put up or shut up". If there are 'breakthroughs'... what are they? Where is the raw data, why hasn't it been verified, patented, and marketed?

    Oh, let me guess... The groundbreaking technology already is proven and it works, but it needs money. And there is conspiricy!

    Because there are no markets in the entire global economy. Nobody in the entire corrupt human society is eager to undermine big oil. Nobody wants that money. People will conspire against the US government to sell MJ... but nobody would ever dare conspire against big oil. That's impossible. Nobody can do it. Nobody is greedy enough to be the next big oil. Right?

    Really, what these projects need is some investment money from stupid people.

    A: "I think this could work!'

    B: "This can work, here is a mathematical proof!"

    C: "Here is a functional implementation of how this can work."

    D: "Here is the hard data on how well this works."

    Reality is in reaching steps C & D. Not in reaching step A.

    - Lime

  • JamesThomas


    You said: I think the old expression is "Put up or shut up". If there are 'breakthroughs'... what are they? Where is the raw data, why hasn't it been verified, patented, and marketed?

    Those are good questions. The reality is, is that raw data has been verified and patented, and things are scheduled to soon be marketed. In fact NASA has two patents on LENR, to name just a few from the many around the world.

    Not to be disrespectful or mean, but rather to stay in the spirit of your thread, I would say: Investigate or shut up.

    I didn't just start this thread on a whim, or to show everyone how talented I am at blowing bubbles out my ass. I've spent a lot of time over the last couple years watching and investigating this area of energy production.

    Do you want to do some serious scientific investigation yourself? I suggest starting here:

  • HintOfLime

    That's great. That's wonderful. I hope anyone who offers a better energy system makes a billion dollars. Oil is a long-term dead end. Oil is stupid. Oil funds the least humane, least sympathetic, least civilized regions of the world. Everybody knows it's a finite resource and an energy dead end. Arguing that is stupid.

    But why the hell do I need to research anything? If someone has something I want - SELL IT TO ME. I give you money, you give me the resource.

    I'm not going to "investigate" how to get power into my home. There is a local company that does that right now, in spades, and there energy comes right down the wire. It works. I can buy solar panels on Amazon.. I can buy gas generators - those work. I can buy them, and they provide electricity as soon as they arrive at my doorstep.

    If a tech makes energy - sell it. I buy energy. So sell me energy. Not just forum talk - sell it in to me. Real world. Make money. I don't need to research a damn thing to buy energy from the competetor of this. Energy is a market. I need to buy so many kilowatt hours - how much does it cost?

    Make it better, faster, and cheaper.

    Where is the local company selling this new energy so I can buy it? Where is the marketing force? What is the web address where I can type in my residential address and get this new energy delivered to my home?

    If it doesn't exist - tell these people to start selling it. Until I can buy it, it's just empty hype and empty talk and not a damn thing more.

    are scheduled to soon be marketed.

    Yeah, I have a billion dollar idea on my schedule too.

    Mind you - I'm not ready to make a billion dollars right now, of course!

    I put that in my appointment book.

    My product will be "marketed soon". Becuase marketers are so very, very, very difficult to come by. Genuises that can push the laws of thermodynamics are a dime a dozen....

    But marketers...

    Marketers with free time to make a commission - those guys are just impossible to find.

    So - what does the schedule look like? October 2012 it'll be available in major US cities?

    - Lime

  • JamesThomas


    I understand your perspective and the pain that is behind it. I think we all know that if we continue the way of burning fossil fuels we are going to poison ourselves and our children to death.

    It was in this spirit of a global sense of hopelessness, that I felt it necessary to begin this thread. There is a lot going on below the radar of mainstream press. So we don't here about it. But, thanks to the Internet these things can be found. We just need to investigate so that we separate the valid science which is being done from the scams and bs (and there is a lot of that).

    Personally, from my own investigations I am very much assured that people far, far more intelligent than I, in fact genius scientists, who want to see their children grow up in a clean world, are diligently working on new breakthroughs. Breakthroughs which are just on the horizon. Closer than many of us may think.

    In the near future I may have more to share along theses lines, in new and different threads.

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