Watchtower actually right about something!

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  • steve2

    I see nothing controversial in posters feeling free to express their views that may be in line with what the Watchtower teaches. It invites others to scrutinize the information and see if the views are justified. This would never happen on a pro-JW forum.

    The referenced article is only part of the "story" though as other posters have pointed out.

    JWs still take a pick-and-choose approach to blood and its "products".

    Key points are:

    • Donated blood is used for procedures that go well beyond surgery; the Watchtower is an inconsistent fence-sitter on this aspect which is fraught with dilemmas for a people who vainly claim to be "abstaining from blood"
    • in emergencies entailing significant blood loss (as occurs with people suffering physical trauma through accidents) blood is unparalleled in its life saving potential (try using saline solution for a patient who has lost a limb and watch him/her rapidly deteriorate)
    • over the years, the medical establishment has refined its approach to the use of blood resulting in fewer complications due to its use. This is not a bad thing - all medical procedures have risks of one sort or another
    • non-blood alternatives can be utilized successfully during scheduled surgical procedures because medical teams know and prepare for associated risks with procedures

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