"Suggested" Donation when attending Circuit Assembly

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  • 144001

    I've always wanted to take a dump in a circuit assembly contribution box . . .

  • Princess Ashe
    Princess Ashe

    I remember 1 old timer elder saying if there was money problems then that cong was having serious apostate problems.

    I remember also a few times suggestions of donations at assemblies. and 1 time at the kingdom hall we wrote how much on a piece of paper we thought we could donate each month no names mentioned just an amount.

    I was very suprised to see the credit card/debit card machines. funny I also haven't heard anymore talks about getting into credit card dept.

  • Princess Ashe
    Princess Ashe

    oops credit card debt.

  • ziddina
  • jam

    Do you recall (in the 60,s and 70,s) how proud we were in

    proclaiming, we do not pass the collection plate in our meetings

    like the greedy Churches. No need, Jehovah knows our needs.

    Oh really.

  • kurtbethel

    I seem to recall Jesus said " Who really is the faithful and discreet slave whom his master appointed over his domestics, to give them their food at the proper time?" and not " Who really is the faithful and discreet slave whom his master appointed over his domestics, to sell them their food at the proper time?"

    Watchtower Jehovah's Witnesses faithfull and discreet slave is now selling spiritual provision by taking up a collection

    Watchtower Jehovah's Witnesses criticize churches for collecting money while they do the same thing

  • jws

    I should add that Assembly Hall finances always were (and continue to be) a total mystery to me. Quite how a weekend's assembly can end up costing thousands of pounds when (in the case of Dudley, Manchester and Edgware Assembly Halls) we are supposed to actually own the building is beyond me, even once you've paid all the utility bills - but there you go

    Yeah, but those utility bills can add up for a large building. I wrote a program for a large retailer in the US and it collected cost info for each store. Man, some of those utility bills for a store, which is comparable in size to an assembly hall, were in the 10,000 dollar range/month. Of course you are talking about 7 days/week for a store vs. for the most part, 2 days/week for an assembly hall (or are they 1 day now).

    I never knew how booked up they were, but I can't imagine you've not enough JW congregations to book it year round. And even when nobody's there, you're you're still paying utility bills to keep it at a moderate temperature so as not to freeze things or overload electronics with heat, but nobody's there. And you've probably got water going to keep the grass green. Even if they were booked every weekend, you still have the weekdays when nobody's there yet it still costs them.

    I don't know about your assembly hall, but the one I went to had caretakers who had apartments there, so those apartments would have used utilities year round.

    And then there's the maintenance. Snow removal, painting regularly, re-paving parking lots, landscaping, fixing broken things, pest control, etc. Although they probably have JWs who volunteer their time and maybe in some cases, donate their costs (parts, gas, etc).

    And I'm sure you've got large insurance policies that cost money too.

    And who knows whether all of them are paid off or if they are paying a mortgage.

    I'm sure they take the costs and divide them up evenly by circuit so as to have a number in mind of how much to suggest. So you're not just paying for your weekend expenses, you're splitting up the non-assembly time costs as well. And then add a dolllar to be safe.

  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    "Religion is a racket and a snare!"

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    My son asked the other day why assemblies were always in the red when accounts were read out...and just why they had to give the accounts details.



  • outsmartthesystem

    I am with Cedars. I have been mystified for years about how we can own our own building.....yet there will be an announcement on Sunday of the CA that says "and that leaves us with a deficit of $3,487 for this assembly". Especially when the CA is held on a 67 degree day in April when neither A/C nor heat is really needed.

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