Why Is My Sister Accusing Me Of Apostasy? (new guy here)

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  • Fernando

    A warm welcome HelpMeBelieve!

    Yes, at times JWN can be a gamble, but flutter away to your heart's content!

    Two brief comments:

    Apostasy is "spiritual unfaithfulness". Spiritual adultery, fornication, prostitution. Since ALL religion is a snare and a racket, and from the devil (according to Rutherford), ALL religionists are guilty of apostasy. JWN is not a pro-religious website. Although many here accept the label it more appropriately belongs to the Watchtower ruling religious clergy class.

    Sometimes people project the darkness in themselves on to others, and then punish their target for that darkness. This can (somewhat simplisticly) be called "Freudian projection" of the "Jungian shadow" in the world of Psychology (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychological_projection and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shadow_%28psychology%29).

  • Ding

    In the WTS, it's all about meeting attendance, field service, refusing blood, not saying anything the GB would disapprove, and not running afoul of any rules your elders are especially fond of (dress codes, hair length, etc.).

  • outlander

    I don't post here very often nowadays but your situation with your sister reminds me of my own problem

    with my sister. The J.W's will tear apart any family that has some members who are indocrinated in the cult

    and others who are not interested, or who are former members. That is what they do. I am the only member

    of my family, and all relations, who are not, or has ever been, in the J.W's. Although i did study a couple of times.

    Once when I was 16 another time at 58 yrs old. Every contact with J.W. family has led to problems with them. Especially

    my sister. To make a long story short. They are LOST! You cannot interact with them, or reason with them. The

    problem is compounded if they have mental problems on top of being J.W's. Like my own sister has. I solved the

    situation with this simple reasoning. If a person, relative or not, causes you pain, avoid that person and do not let

    them become involved in your life. Harsh solution, YES, but sometimes a situation can become so bad that thats the

    only way to handle it. Get new friends, become involved with groups that offer positive influences in your life, and most

    importantly, find out the real facts behind the J.W's and omit this group from your life. ASAP!

  • Balaamsass

    WELCOME !!

    I agree with flipper and others. Projection sounds like it might be right from what you have told us.

    She sounds toxic right now.... distance sounds like a good idea. Perhaps if you are having a lot of family problems and want things to cool off..attend a couple of meetings at a different hall some distance away and have your cards transferred. Then you can tell your family truthfully you have been attending "Meetings" at another hall because you were "stumbled". Then you can hang out here, read other sites, and study the the truth about the "truth" in peace and quiet!

  • dogon

    Apostate is just a word used to scare people into keeping quiet about thinking for themselves. If your sister is so brain washed as to be willing to throw you under the bus you are better off with out her in your life. Its hard I know but don't waste your life trying to convince others who are telling you how to live that mean them no harm. I had a partner Daryl Kunde who threw his only brother under the bus for a bunch of idiots in the KH and has not talked to him in years 35 I believe. Its a waste of time, the cult will keep them in line and you will dance at the end of a stick and have to lie about who you are to keep them from crucifying you.

  • jgnat

    It seems you won't be able to control your out-of-control sister. Do the two of you share mutual friends? Are your friends smart enough to note her hypocricy?

    Six months away from the meetings must be a change for you. Have you had a chance to work on developing a stable network of friends outside your sister's influence?

  • HelpMeBelieve

    Your kind welcome is more than I deserve, all hell is busting loose right now. I joined the site because I am up to my neck and tired of the hatred that flows from people who are "the best people on earth".

    I kept my mouth shut, when Mom died my sister was going for her assets in the most indecent way. It was not enough that Mom raised her children, first baby born, she drop's him off on Mom at age 3 months till age 15 years old. Greed changes people who have plenty, family members with limited resources (non-JWs) were not picking at Mom's dead corpse the way my Visalia Sister clean her dry.

    I have a brother who is dying, (schizophrenic, pathological liar, self-declared messiah) I avoided him for five years. Why should I talk with a man who beat his wife, drove her to flee because he would steal their Food Stamps to gamble. His wife now has five degrees working for the CDC, my brother is cursing her on his death bed. When I made first-contact after much prodding from family, he twisted every word I spoke, so he would be out of the "Penatly Box" (My sister puts you in her Penalty Box, if you do not obey her wild ideas), he had a big "chip" which helped him "reach out and touch her again". Example, I told him I had a dream I was in the room of an oncologist office, and he and my sister were going through Chemo." He called "sister-ever-so-willing-to-hate" and said "Brother said he hopes you get cancer and die!"

    I can't imagine the pain you on JWn have suffered, I will try and be supportive and lend a listening ear. "HelpMeBelive" is my coming to grips with the evil, but I see lots of good within the Organization. I don't think the Watchtower leaders would approve of people acting so badly. I am not anti-JW, (even though someone pointed out it's an apostate website) I thought the purpose of this site is to meet new friends and build each other up, whether we agree with each person's view point or creed.

    Brotherly from "Persona-Non-Grata" or "The Family Apostate" :)

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