Why Is My Sister Accusing Me Of Apostasy? (new guy here)

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  • HelpMeBelieve

    Hello, maybe I am gambling by posting a thread here at your website. I don't know what an apostate really is and why someone is removed from the Watchtower for this sin.

    I have a sister in Visalia California who is telling all my brothers and sisters "He is an apostate, our schizophrenic brother said so!"

    I don't celebrate Christmas like my sister (the accuser-fake Jehovah Witness), I don't celebrate "Birthdays"(she does) and I do not invite junkies to my house and allow my mentally retarded brother to go on trips to seek out sex with hookers.

    My story is I stopped attending meets six months ago, perhaps I am lying in the parkinglot of the Kingdom Hall because I allowed some to stumble me. It's ok for my sister to call everyone evil, wicked names and accused them of things burried in her dirty heart, but I am now an apostate because I missed six months of meetings.

    I am becoming very sick of bad people and their quick methods to judge people wicked, while they lie, behave indecently with great hypocrisy. What should I do to contain her slander and lies against me?

  • ldrnomo

    Judging other people is what Jehovah's Witnesses have been trained to do.

  • Magwitch

    Welcome Helpmebeieve...So sorry you are going through this. Family fighting is way too painful. Unfortunately there are a lot of people out there that are feeling guilty about themselves, and so they start pointing the finger at others. She is probably very insecure and unhappy. Best to take pity on her and ignore her.

    You have come to a good place. A lot of people here have been called apostates.

  • HelpMeBelieve

    Is it not odd, that she is the one who is celebrating the holidays she preaches are wrong? She gossips about her close friends who rely on her for secrecy and throw's them under the bus. Why don't she leave the society and tell the truth, her love of Christmas, drinking and birthdays and freaky mind game playing are her new religion?

    If laying low for six months is apostasy, what is she? I kindly thank you comfort, something this hag greatly lacks. She is fantastic at labeling, projecting and judging others of Gehenna while her body smells of sulfer and fire, how sad!

  • flipper

    HELPMEBELIEVE- Welcome to the board friend. I'm so sorry your sister is treating you this way. The Jehovah's Witnesses are full of hypocrites because they've been trained to be such from the WT society leaders. They lie and tell half truths and claim it's approved by God. They are delusional. The reason your sister won't be honest about her celebration of holidays is that she wants her cake and is eating it too. She stands to lose her JW friends and other JW family if she admits the real truth to herself that she doesn't believe in some of the WT society teachings. So she remains an incomplete half person waffling back and forth trying to save face in front of JWs who would throw her under a bus in a heartbeat if they knew the REAL her.

    In essence your sister has double standards and is a messed up person - that's why she hypocritically accuses YOU of apostasy- so she doesn't have to face herself that SHE is the apostate. In psychology it's called " projection " what your sister is doing to you. She's uncomfortable with her own guilt- so she projects that guilt wrongly onto you accusing you unjustly. Hang in there. We are here for you, many of us have been here, experienced this, you're not alone. You may want to distance yourself from your sister , she sounds like a destructive individual who insists on destroying YOUR reputation

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    Welcome!!! HelpMeBelieve! Your sister does not sound like a kind, loving or humble person. I would try to ignore her name calling and insults. If she does the same with her "friends" then other people would also be aware of her behavior.

    I don't know how old you are HMB or how much interaction you have with your sister and other siblings or what caused your stumbling.

  • iamwhoiam

    eh...people like to point fingers at other people to shift focus off themselves. they have nothing else better to do in thier life...like most jws.

  • slimboyfat

    Are you an apostate? You are on an apostate site. Maybe you gave something away. People can be surprisingly perceptive sometimes, even JWs.

  • nuthouse escapee
    nuthouse escapee

    Hello & Welcome HELPMEBELIEVE.

    I am glad you found JWN. You will find lots of support and seasoned advice. I feel bad for your situation. It is difficult when someone else accuses you of things and they are guilty of much worse.

    I agree with Flipper that it may be wise to distance yourself from your sister.

    Iamwhoiam expressed the first thing that came to my mind also. Many times people will deflect scrutiny from themselves by shifting the focus to someone else.

    Hang in there, this is a good place to vent your frustration and find a compassionate ear. Leslie

  • Splash

    Wait until December then turn up where she is celebrating xmas with a camcorder. Also have a hidden audio recorder running.

    When you have your evidence present it to her elders and tell them you will put it on youtube and direct the local cong to it on the internet.

    Record this conversation with the elders too, with a hidden audio recorder.

    I think you will then be in a stronger position to have your side heard sympathetically.

    Dont expect to have a good relationship with your sister after this, but be happy you stood up for yourself.


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