Mexico. JWs up 42% in 10 Years

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  • Joker10

    According to the recent 2010 Mexico Census, people 5 and older who identified themselves as Jehovah's Witness grew by 42%.

    Year 20002010%
    Total 1,057,7361,500,98441.9%
    Population 84,794,454106,427,63625.5%
    Ratio, One JW to:8071

    So much for decline.

  • james_woods

    Identify yourself: Are you in fact a troll?

  • cedars

    lol, here we go again. This guy sure does love his 10 year periods!!

    james_woods, are you tempted to initiate a certain countdown of sorts?!


  • Gayle

    JW Service Report 2011, peak 739,954,, ratio 1/155.

  • LostGeneration

    Average publishers in Mexico in 2011, according to the JW yearbook 724,690!

    Back in the shallow end, Joker!

  • james_woods
    james_woods, are you tempted to initiate a certain countdown of sorts?!

    Tempted, yes - but we need convincing evidence before we bring this to the district attorney.

    Of course, two of these in one week is certainly enough to get a search warrant to look back at the previous posts...

  • LostGeneration

    In the end though, who gives a shit? People have been hoodwinked since the beginning of time by religious charlatans.

    If Joker wants to waste his life at the feet of a publishing cult, its none of my business.

    Watchtower on line library..
    A peak of 533,665 Kingdom proclaimers reported field service in Mexico in August 2000.

    ........................mutley-ani1.gif image by GeneralWaco...OUTLAW


    All from the same publishing company that forbid its adherents in Mexico from identifying themselves as a religion in order to obtain property.

  • sir82

    No one disputes that in 3rd world countries the number JWs is growing.

    However, the number of baptisms worldwide is in decline year over year, and the JW growth in 1st world countries is stagnant at best. Remove the figures for 3rd-world immigrants in foreign-language congregations from those 1st world countries, and there would certainly be a decrease quite evident.

    Not to mention the trend of fewer and fewer men "reaching out" to be MS and elders, and many more "reaching out" but not qualified.

    Not to mention the Conti case precedent, virtually certain to lead to hundreds if not thousands of similar cases worldwide, each one potentially costing millions of dollars.

    Not to mention "evidently" a drying up of contributions, leading to (among other things) a 50% per month reduction in printed material in the magazines over the past 10 years.

    Oh but hey! In the Pueblo of Campo de los Tontones, Mexico, Sister Impoverished and her 12 children all were auxiliary pioneers in March! And left 300 tracts! What glorious good news!

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