Candace Conti Awarded Millions in Punitive Damages!

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    If you're going to do a "press release" on this news, make sure you get your facts right. The judge did not award anything to Ms. Conti, because this case was a jury trial, which means that a jury, not a judge, awarded the compensatory and punitive damages to Ms. Conti.

  • poppers

    Great news!

  • Ding

    It's my understanding that the jury awarded her $28M in punitive damages.

    The WTS filed a motion for judgment notwithstanding the verdict (arguing that they should have won the case entirely as a matter of law) or in the alternative for a new trial.

    If the reports are accurate, I think it means that the judge found the punitive damage amount to be excessive and would have granted a new trial on the amount of punitives damages. However, the judge's ruling contained the proviso that if Candace Conti accepted a reduction in the amount of punitive damages to the amount specified by the judge (varying amounts of the reduction are being reported now in different JWN threads), then the award is reduced to that amount and the WTS' motion is denied.

    If, as this report indicates, she accepted the reduction in punitive damages to the amount set by the judge, then that's the final verdict at the trial court level... no new trial and the WTS' only choices are to pay up or appeal. If they appeal and lose, they will also have to pay interest on the amount the appellate court rules was proper.


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    This is fantastic news !! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • still thinking
    still thinking


    Suck on that WTS

  • Splash

    Wonder what the "Jehovah will protect the WT as always" brigade will say about this?

    Of course, "persecution".

    WT now shares company with the Catholic Church, maybe the Catholics are also being 'persecuted', but that raises some uncomfortable lines of reasoning.


  • Scott77

    Awesome news.What a great outcome! My quetion now is: Since the Watchtower has lost after filling an appeal for retrial, must the Watchtower be obliged to pay Simon his legal fees?


  • OnTheWayOut

    Great pic. by Puffthedragon. Great news. It's a typical reduction, but not a huge one.
    The judge really sticks it to WTS by slapping the 10% on there.

  • WTWizard

    Now watch and see how long the Washtowel stalls in paying the money. With hyperinflation a big risk at any time, and that they will probably pay zero interest, watch them waste several years trying to stall by delaying paying the money. Too bad it wasn't payable in silver--they can pay now while it is still relatively cheap, or try and stall only to pay when it reaches 900 billion toilet papers per ounce.

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