Personal Qualifications Report - Interesting notes on this one...

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  • MC RubberMallet
  • MC RubberMallet
    MC RubberMallet

    In the first paragraph, it instructs the person filling out the app to NOT submit one of these for a sister if her husband does not meet minimum qualifications of whatever capacity of service. Does that mean some brothers are not fully qualified for some assignments, but they get appointed because of their wife? As in "She would be good in the traveling work! Oh him, i guess he will do as a CO. I guess. There's no clear reason to NOT appoint him. I guess."

  • hoser

    This is the first time I've seen this one. The more I see forms like this the more I realize this is just another big corporation doing a performance

    review of it's employees


  • ziddina

    Gooooooooood grief....

    As hoser said, it's basically a performance review - and more complicated than many business corporation reviews:

    Sample Performance Review Questions-Employee

    Inadequate (1) Needs Improvement (2) Meets Expectations (3) Exceeds Expectations (4) Exemplary (5)

    Job Knowledge

    _____ Demonstrates ability and skills necessary to fulfill job requirements

    _____ Demonstrates adequate problem solving skills

    _____ Meets challenges effectively

    _____ Has a clear understanding of company objectives/vision


    _____ Meets attendance requirements

    _____ Arrives on time for work and returns from breaks punctually

    _____ Puts in a required daily work hours

    Work Quality

    _____ Responds effectively to required tasks

    _____ Prioritizes tasks

    _____ Organizes time efficiently

    _____ Manages pressure well

    _____ Adequately utilizes available resources

    _____ Puts company objectives/vision above personal ambition

    _____ Ability to take immediate and effective action when plans change


    _____ Shares new and creative ideas

    _____ Identifies problem areas and offers solutions

    _____ Looks for inefficiencies

    _____ Provides alternate solutions

    Communication Skills

    _____ Takes direction well

    _____ Effectively communicates needs, concerns, or issues

    _____ Offers constructive suggestions appropriately

    _____ Listens to others

    _____ Written communication clear and actionable

    _____ Demonstrates electronic communication etiquette

    _____ Open to constructive criticism


    _____ Meets commitments

    _____ Takes responsibility for actions

    _____ Completes tasks

    _____ Offers support to others where appropriate

    _____ Trusted by peers

    _____ Assumes responsibilities in areas of strength


  • hoser

    I think if a company described an employee as "lazy" like the WT example in this form they would get their pants sued off

  • smiddy

    I`m sure somebodys going to point out their is no WT letterhead on this document

    just saying


  • BluesBrother

    Yup....just another performance appraisal form , like the ones I hated at work. After all these people are in "full time service"

  • BluePill2

    I can rest assure you that this thing is real. I had to review hundreds of them, during my work in the Service Department.

    There is another one for internal use (similar to this one, color of paper is different): for Bethelites, DO's and higher ups. You should have read the comments. Some CO's would go into creepy, extended details about the person. Some CO's would not be satisfied with just answering these questions. Nope. They had to add lengthy letters with whatever dirt they could find about the individual.

    Internal ones had another color, to distinguish them from "regular folks", also to give them higher confidentiality status (you don't want a report like this one about the DO "mixed up" with regular pioneers.

    Some of them where very very funny to read. But that is topic for another thread.

    The wife thing is: some CO's where dumb like wood and would recommend a couple for Circuit Work or for Bethel, but the husband was, for Dub-World really some lazy materialistic "pig", wifey would put in a gazillion of hours, recruit every neighbour and their dog. This is a bad combination.

  • rebel8

    lol @ "stiff mannered" being a negative trait of dubs. I always thought being stiff was their goal.

  • MC RubberMallet
    MC RubberMallet

    smiddy - I`m sure somebodys going to point out their is no WT letterhead on this document

    just saying


    You can read some of my earlier threads. I have many apps and documents from the society. All authentic.

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