Order Conditionally Granting Motion For New Trial As To Punitive Damages Filed in Candace Conti Case

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  • DNCall
  • Diest

    I wish I had bookmarked the site with the paperwork....

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Yeah, I see that, but what does it mean? Also, no papers to look at. . ..

    I'm no legal eagle.

  • tresdecu

    ughhh...you've got to be kidding. Unf^%&%believable. Damn Judge...

    more info???

  • AndersonsInfo

    Candace Conti and her mom, Kathleen, asked me to pass along to you that the title of the latest court document, dated today, "Order Conditionally Granting Motion For New Trial As To Punitive Damages Filed," does not mean what you maybe think it means. To laypersons it sounds like the judge is granting a motion for a new trial, but I understand that's not so. We have to be patient and wait for the court document to be able to accurately understand the court ruling.


  • NeverKnew

    Images should be up tomorrow. Probably a batch upload.

    Thinking that the conditionally accepted new trial is just about the amount... not the removal of blame.

    I wouldn't panic.... yet.

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    When there are extaordinarily large punitive damages awarded from a jury (to send a resounding message)- $21 million-as they did to the WTBTS in Candace Conti's case, it is not unusual for the damages to be decreased. Compensatory damages are altogether different.


  • smiddy

    I wait with baited breath.


  • DT

    Bump. Any more news about this?

  • whathappened

    I just got an email from www.jehovahswitnessblog.com that they are all sitting there waiting for the judge to come in right now.

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