Sparlockgate - the YouTube copyright clampdown continues!

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  • cedars

    Hi everyone

    You may remember some time ago I released a song entitled "Sparlock We Love You" on YouTube.

    The song was a parody of the "Become Jehovah's Friend" DVD, and became very popular - with well over 10,000 views last time I checked.

    I did consider the possibility that the Society would complain on grounds of copyright infringement, because I used some specially-altered versions of images on the DVD, such as the one below...

    sparlock great teacher

    However, I shrugged this off, because I thought even the Society wouldn't be as petty as to publically complain about the way the images were used.

    Nevertheless, they did. Today I got the following email...

    Dear John Cedars,

    We have disabled the following material as a result of a third-party notification from Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvanias, claiming that this material is infringing:

    Sparlock We Love You Song - Lesson 2 - Become Jehovah's Friend DVD

    Please Note: Repeated incidents of copyright infringement will result in the deletion of your account and all videos uploaded to that account. In order to prevent this from happening, please delete any videos to which you do not own the rights and refrain from uploading additional videos that infringe on the copyrights of others. For more information about YouTube's copyright policy, please read the Copyright Tips guide.

    If one of your postings has been misidentified as infringing, you may submit a counter-notification. Information about this process is in our Help Centre.

    Please note that under Section 512(f) of the Copyright Act, any person who knowingly materially misrepresents that material was disabled due to mistake or misidentification may be liable for damages.

    Yours sincerely,

    – The YouTube Team

    I went on YouTube and was confronted with the following screen...

    sparlock copyright 1

    And this is what you now see when you try to watch the video itself...

    sparlock copyright 2

    I don't feel any shame over this. In fact I regard it as something of a badge of honor that the mighty Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania has been sufficiently riled by one of my songs/videos as to formally complain to YouTube. Obviously, this won't remotely intimidate me when it comes to posting damaging information about the Society on the internet. If anything, it further spurs me on. It also serves to illustrate how petty and desperate the Society has become when it comes to protecting its floundering public image.


  • Botzwana

    That really sucks! I love that song! So the society doesn´t even have a sense of humor huh? This kind of action by them makes me MORE pissed at them than ever before! Their fucking control manipulation is out of this world!

    Try it again. But do not use the word Sparlock....Use a different spelling altogether! Sparrlock or something like that. You need to upload it again. Use a different name like Blue Harvest.

  • cofty

    Can't you appeal it on fair use as it was a parody?

  • OnTheWayOut

    Anyway, SPARLOCK, WE DO LOVE YOU!!!!!!

  • AnnOMaly

    Quite a compliment that it's received the heavy-handed approach - especially for a parody. For every one they shut down, there'll be 10 its place. Is anyone going to mirror it?

  • cedars

    Thanks for the support everyone. Obviously, I intend to get the song back up on YouTube ASAP - even if it's just the song itself devoid of any images from the DVD. I may even complain to YouTube on "fair use" grounds, but I doubt it will get very far. I'm sure they'd always rather back the big corporation than the little fish.


  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    That was a good song we need more songs by calebber and the sparlocksters


    Good Morning Cedars!..

    So you`ve managed to piss off the WBT$..

    Well Done!..LOL!!..

    Dam you Cedars!..

    I can`t get that song out of my head..

    It just goes On and On and On and On..

    ...................... ...OUTLAW

  • sir82

    I want my....

    I want my....

    I want my sparlock-TV!

  • Zordino

    OUTLAW, That is too Funny!

    Cedars, you did a great job with that video. Its too bad da Corp shut it down. I Loved that Song. Please post it again. Do something funny like having the GB dancing to the " Sparlock we love you" song.. It'll be a Hoot.

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