Favorite LAST episode to the ending of series drama or sitcom?

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  • glenster
  • Jadeen

    I liked the new Battlestar Galactica ending- I would have liked it better if they continued the series, though.

  • Adiva

    Does anyone remember the final episode of Barney Miller? That one has to go on the list.


  • titch

    Well, as Lore stated---and I AM serious---Lost. Still mystifying when watching the ending that I recorded on VHS tape! Also, the series finale of "Picket Fences." Boy Meets World. Home Improvement. Speaking of Picket Fences, it wasn't the SERIES FINALE episode, it was the 2nd Season finale, in 1994. For those who got into P.F. you might remember the season finale ended with the funeral for Mayor Howard Buss, after he had been shot by his own son, after going into the final stages of Alzheimer's. And, after the eulogy was delivered by Judge Henry Bone, everyone in the church slowly walked past the casket, giving it a good hard "whack", to let him know that they all missed him. And, the show's theme song slowly played in the background. A great piece of writing from David E. Kelly, the series creator, and I've got that episode on VHS tape. Love that scene. As an aside, I truly wish that the remaining seasons would be released on DVD. The first season is out there, but all the remaining seasons, I haven't seen them on DVD YET! Oh, yes, another great finale from another great David E. Kelly-created show...Boston Legal. With Denny Crane and Alan Shore getting married, for the sake of convenience. And, a Chinese organization taking over the law firm. Brilliant writing.


  • rocketman

    Star Trek endings...

    Next Generation's, I thought, was pretty good, though the old Picard seemed, well, really old. But I thought it was pretty thought-provoking overall.

    Voyager - Gilligan finally got off the island that was the Delta Quadrant. I was just glad this show was over.

    Deep Space 9 - I can't remember the last episode, but I do recall some decent shows as the Station was taken over, then recaptured.

  • Quendi

    My favorite series’ finales were: M*A*S*H, Boy Meets World, Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Voyager.


  • RayPublisher

    Newhart was a great, clever ending... But nothing compares to...


    The Shield

    The Shield

  • dreamgolfer


    thats a hoot! LOST was like the NEVERENDING story.

    JAMES, I agree MTM wa great, too! forgot about the lights

    Brady Bunch, funny Orange hair, can't remember that, was that the start to the guy who is in jail for the John 3:16 at all th egames, what a nut he was.

    Lot's of NEWHART fan's, make me feel we have something in common if we all felt good about that one - thanks for the responses!

    Well off to Good ole TN

    catch ya'll next week



  • dreamgolfer

    oh yeah JONNY CARSon - that was priceless!

  • EntirelyPossible

    Star Trek TNG, All Good Things

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