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  • outsmartthesystem

    "For instance, does eating leftover birthday cake restrict the flow less than eating fresh birthday cake?"

    Just the opposite. Fresh, tantalizing cake can be tough to pass up. Whereas dry, leftover cake is typically unappealing. Therefore, one who eats leftover cake is likely doing so just to spite organizational rulings. One could say that such an individual is purposely being BRAZEN. Such BRAZEN conduct would restrict holy spirit flow much moreso than a one time moment of fresh, moist, chocolatey weakness.

    "Or masturbating while fantasizing about one's own wife restrict the flow less than fantasizing about group sex with the COBOE and all the pioneer sisters?"

    This is correct. The holy spirit fantasizes about my wife too

  • blondie

    I remember the story about Achan's theft of Caananite goods lead to the Israelite soldiers losing a battle and soldiers dying. The WTS uses that as a basis, but since they weren't Christians, I fail to see it.

    *** w85 1/15 p. 27 “Kingdom Increase” Conventions—What Rich Spiritual Feasts! ***

    Guard Against Disgraceful Folly was the title of the second drama. Effectively portrayed were the bad consequences of Achan’s greed. (Joshua, chapter 7) The drama also showed how a similar incident of disgraceful folly could impede the flow of God’s holy spirit in a congregation. How this underscored the need to do our part to keep the organization clean while guarding our own hearts against temptation!

    *** w63 7/1 p. 411 What Disfellowshiping Means ***

    What is the purpose of this cutting off from God’s congregation? The most important purpose is the preservation of Jehovah’s pure worship. No corrupting influence is allowed to remain. The one who practices wrongdoing must be taken out for the protection and purity of the congregation, since “a little leaven ferments the whole lump.” (Gal. 5:9) If not cleared out, this corruption can block the free flow of Jehovah’s spirit to the entire congregation. Jehovah will not bless that which is impure, as was evidenced in the case of Achan. (Josh. 7:1-26) These serious derelictions can be compared to a cancer. If a body member is cancerous, the entire body is in danger. If necessary, the diseased member is amputated in order to save the rest of the body.

  • Londo111

    And of course, contradicting this notion is Page 38 of the Flock Book:

    If it comes to light or an appointed brother confesses that he has committed a disfellowshipping offense years in the past: The body of elders may determine he can continue to serve if the following is true: The immorality or other serious wrongdoing occurred more than a few years ago, and he is genuinely repentant, recognizing that he should have come forward immediately when he sinned. (Perhaps he has even confessed to his sin, seeking help with his guilty conscience.) He has been serving faithfully for many years, has evidence of God's blessing, and has the respect of the congregation.

    If the sin occurred before he was appointed as an elder or a ministerial servant, the elder will need to take into consideration the fact that he should have mentioned this possible impediment to his being qualified when elders interviewed him just prior to announcing his appointment. Moreover, nature of the sin may reflect greatly on his qualification serve. For example, the sin may involve past child abuse, and this would likely disqualify him for many years.

    (1) No Scriptural Basis for any of this.

    (2) How can he have God's blessing, if he was the cause of God removing the Holy Spirit from the congergation?

    (3) This is a loophole that sisters cannot take advantage of.

    (4) The last sentence that child abuse 'would likely disqualify him'???

  • outsmartthesystem

    Good catch Londo.....number 2 especially

  • sir82

    That's a good catch by Londo111.

    On page 58, failure to "act promptly" on "serious wrongdoing" has the effect of "hinder[ing] the flow of Jehovah's holy spirit".

    But on page 38, successfully covering over your serious, disfellowshipping-worthy sin for a number of years can still lead to "evidence of God's blessing".

    So which is it? Does Jehovah's blessing depend on "prompt action" or not?

    Idiots. Does no one proofread this stuff?

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    ...and shouting at the wife has the same effect as today's Text shows:

    Wednesday, August 22

    You husbands, continue dwelling in like manner with [yourwives] according to knowledge, assigning them honor as to a weaker vessel, the feminine one.—1 Pet.3:7.

    To honor someone means to hold that individual in high esteem. Thus, you would consider the opinions, needs, and wants of such a person and may defer to that one where there is no vital issue at stake. That is how a husband should deal with his wife. When telling husbands to honor their wives, Peter adds a warning: “In order for your prayers not to be hindered.” That clearly shows how seriously Jehovah views the way a man treats his wife. Failure to show honor to her could hinder his prayers. Moreover, do not wives generally respond positively to being treated honorably by their husbands? On the matter of loving one’s wife, God’s Word counsels: “Husbands ought to be loving their wives as their own bodies.”—Eph. 5:28. w10 5/15 1:15-17


  • DesirousOfChange

    Such contradiction between what is written by what must be different writers in the Writing Dept. The right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing.

    (Best example, look at those who died at Sodom & Gomorrah and if they will be resurrected -- Yes to No to Yes to No about 4 times in just 1 year or so, depending on what publication you read.)

    IF they truly had God's Holy Spirit, wouldn't ALL of their writings be in agreement, just as they claim the many different Bible writers are.


  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    The Bible sets a crazy precedent, particularly when you look at an example like David. He takes a census, which isn't specifically prohibited, but God punishes him by killing thousands of innocent strangers.

    So, if young Br. Mic Handler is secretly viewing porn and wanking, Jehovah will withdraw his spirit from the congregation. Consequently, Sister Painintheass will lose her bible study to apostate influence and Elder Nitwit will lose his best window cleaning account. ... Br. Mic Handler decides the "punishment" is worth the crime and continues his habit twice daily.

  • pontoon

    More bull using OT characters as examples of hindering HS. They didn't have any to begin with. Jesus didn't send the HS as a "helper" till after he died and went back to heaven. Or has it been so long now I'm forgetting something?

  • Londo111

    And the problem with using an Old Testament character like Achan as an example, is that Christians are supposed by be under Grace, not under Law. Under Grace, things are much different, especially since through the mediatorship of Christ, God has a relationship with individuals (not groups or organizations or nations).

    Of course, Jehovah's Witnesses do not get to have Grace (but rather a nominal UNDESERVED 'kindness' that is in reality a legalistic Talmud instituted by the Society), nor is Christ allowed to be their personal mediator, therefore the Organization has to be their mediator in order for them to have salvation. In the midst of this maze of Talmudic rulings, there is bound to be contradictions and loopholes that benefit the upper echelon.

    It's a slipperly slope when a sentence begins, "Of course, Christian's are not STRICTLY under the Mosiac Law, BUT...". In claiming there are 'principles' behind the Law that still must be applied, they forget the Law was not build on Grace. Grace and Law do not mix.

    Therefore, there can be no comfort in this religious system. Only expectation of doom for failure to perform.

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