Evidence of Fabrication in the recent WT study article for 8/19/12?!?

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  • 00DAD

    To leaving_quietly and Steve2 - Exactly!

    We've already established that congregations had hardcopies of these magazines and they were available on the 'net in mid March, more than a month before they could have validated these figures and weeks before they could have gotten actual first hand reports back.

  • elderelite

    Applications to aux pioneer are strickly "in house" in local congrgations. Bear in mind reports no longer have to be in by the 5th. Reports are submitted to the branch via jw org web site and the new deadline is the 20th

  • 00DAD

    EE, got it. Several posters already updated me. It's interesting the by going on-line with reporting the deadline was move later!

  • dozy

    Sadly this isn't at all uncommon with the WTBTS. Another example is the press releases for thr district conventions which foretold an outbreak of " spontaneous applause " that were written many months before the convention. http://www.jehovahs-witness.net/jw/friends/185966/1/A-WTS-prophecy-that-actually-came-true-in-our-time

    For a supposedly "Christian" organisation , it still really surprises me just how dubious some of the societies ethics are. The loaded , controlling , underhand , deliberately misleading language in much of the publications. Sad....

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