Evidence of Fabrication in the recent WT study article for 8/19/12?!?

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  • 00DAD

    Leolaia, I thought about using the term "puffery" in my OP, but--while it certainly IS that--the part that is so egregious is that it was clearly written BEFORE the events described happened.

    When I became a JW I had this fantasy that the leadership of the WTBTS were scrupulously honest in every detail about everything. I could forgive some minor mistakes as long as they weren't intentional.

    Well no I know better.


  • Bobcat

    Blondie said:

    Bobcat, so is the conductor a pioneer?

    Thanks for asking that because you just reminded me of something.

    First, no he isn't. But he is a long time, never married, bachelor, who has never regular pioneered. Never. But has aux pio. on occasion (but not regularly).

    During the discussion, another elder (married, grown kids, hasn't pioneered since the 70s), this elder used this reasoning in connection with par. 18 where it suggests praying about pioneering: 'If you pray about it, God will make a way for you to do it. Therefore, if you are not pioneering, it is because you don't want to.'

    As he said this, I could see the WT conductor become visibly embarrassed. I gotta ask my [grown offspring] if he/she saw this. :)

    Take Care

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    So, looks like another false prophecy from Watchtower Corporation.

  • sir82
    if you are not pioneering, it is because you don't want to.'
    As he said this, I could see the WT conductor become visibly embarrassed.

    Not sure why he was embarrassed - that was one of the more candid and truthful comments I've ever heard in a WT study.

    The vast majority of JWs do NOT want to pioneer.

    Hell, I'll go out on a limb and say the majority of pioneers do not want to pioneer.

    Even the most die-hard of JWs seem to have figured out it is a colossal waste of time.

    In our congregation, on the paragraph mentioning "blessings" of pioneering, all comments were about feeling good about yourself, or being with "the friends", or "fulfilling a commission" - absolutely nothing about "the joy of helping others learn about Jehovah".

  • Terry

    00Dad, you have a PM

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    "During the WT discussion, the conductor focused in on the fact that the five people are all smiling, THEREFORE, pioneering must really be the happiest way of life."

    I've seen dozens of people smiling on campus at a time. Therefore, higher education must really be the even happierest way of life!

  • 00DAD

    Terry, got your PM and replied!

    Billy, I've seen groups of nudists smiling so clearly being a nudist is the happiest way of life!

    Or maybe it's Mormons smiling that proves they are the happiest!


  • cedars

    Ugh, those name badges are creepy. I'm so glad we didn't need to wear those.


  • leaving_quietly

    Yes, they have to the 20th of the month to put in the reports, but that's for the previous month. March 20 report would be for February. The count would not be known until April 20th, a month later than the appearance of the article, and the article itself would have been written a month or two or more prior to its publication. Years ago they said the articles are written five months in advance. Not sure if that's still the case.

  • steve2

    There's nothing new in news organizations having reports partially completed before outcomes are fully known - sometimes months in advance. But this is different because they wrote in advance that "millions" had engaged in auxiliary pioneering. Unfortunately, this kind of elastic reporting goes completely over the heads of most people, JWs in particular.

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