If the Israelites were slaves and being oppressed by the Egyptians where did they get all their camping gear & supplies to wander in the wilderness for 40 years ?

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  • King Solomon
    King Solomon

    From the rational wiki page, this:

    Parting the Red Sea

    Between Nuweiba and Saudi Arabia lies a relatively shallow stretch of the otherwise very deep Gulf of Aqaba. This, Wyatt claimed, was the strongest sign yet that the Red Sea must have parted here, to allow an easy way across the waters.

    In fact, according to a map produced by the British Admiralty, while a short distance to both north and south the sea is over 900m deep, opposite Nuweiba it is a "mere" 765m deep. [15] Even if some mechanism could be suggested to produce a channel through such a depth of water, sending hundreds of thousands or even millions of people of all ages, plus accompanying animals, down steep cliffs and coral dropoffs that typify the Gulf of Aqab, and then up the other side is clearly infeasible.

    Wyatt does not attempt to explain how the Red Sea might be parted. Tsunamis can cause the sea to retreat, though nothing approaching the kind of scale required to expose seabed over 700m below sea level. Even if such an unlikely event were possible, the arrival of the wave itself shortly afterward would destroy everything within the vicinity, including those people both on the seabed and on either coastline as well.


    So who are you going to trust: those silly archaeologists, or Jesus?


    First, let’s make sure we have a clear picture of the Biblical perspective. We find that Jesus Christ affirmed the Biblical account of the Exodus as true, and He based some of His teachings on it. Reminding His countrymen that God had miraculously provided food for them during 40 years in the wilderness, He said:

    Your forefathers ate the manna in the desert, yet they died. But here is the bread that comes down from heaven, which a man may eat and not die. I am the living bread that came down from heaven (Jn 6:49—51).

    Jesus staked His reputation, authority, and credibility on the Exodus account’s reliability—on His confidence that the Israelites actually did eat manna in the desert as the Scriptures describe. If this account were not true, then Jesus was wrong, and so are some of His teachings.

    We should not be surprised, then, that some critics have focused so much attention on this fundamental event in the Bible. They try to discredit the story of the Exodus to undermine its historical validity.

    Biblical historian Eugene Merrill describes the importance the Exodus has for the rest of the Bible:

    The exodus is the most significant historical and theological event of the Old Testament because it marks God’s mightiest act in behalf of his people...To it the Book of Genesis provides an introduction and justification, and from it flows all subsequent Old Testament revelation...In the final analysis, the exodus served to typify that exodus achieved by Jesus Christ for people of faith, so that it is a meaningful event for the church as well as for Israel (1996:57–58).

  • King Solomon
    King Solomon

    The Exodus story has helped Jews survive for close to 6,000 years.

    Well, being that it the Exodus was supposed to have occurred 3,600 yrs ago (1,450 BC), that's a pretty good trick!

    But I get your point, tho. ;)

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    Well, according to the Jews, around the middle of September we will be in year 5773, I believe. I'm not an observant Jew though, so it doesn't matter to me what year it is.

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    I just want to know how they managed to transport the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch around all that way,,,,,,,

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  • smiddy

    Didn`t Jesus say , words to the effect , that the stones would cry out ? Then why aren`t they crying out in the wilderness ! Millions of people ,all of their paraphenalia / belongings ,dont forget their jewellary etc. and of course the dead bodies/remains/skeletons/bones of all those who supposedly died off because they had little faith , a whole generation of people.

    And their is no evidence whatsoever in that tiny bit of land they were supposed to journey in for 40 years


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