11-year-old niece was told by JW grandmother that she shouldn't play in band

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  • panhandlegirl

    What reasoing did this grandmother use for not wanting her granddaugher to play with the band? Was it because she may have to play a patriotic tune, miss a meeting if she plays at the football games, waste time practicing the

    clarinet when she could be out in the fs or studying the wt? What could be wrong about playing in the band? I have never understood this reasoning. It takes disipline to learn how to play an instrument. Learing music and math

    takes a lot of brain power. I hope her parents stand up for her and don't allow grandmother to interfere with her playing or being in the band.


  • King Solomon
    King Solomon

    I dunno, clarinets are known to be gateway musical instruments, leading to far worse, even up to tenor saxophone! Once a kid is hooked on tenor, there's no recovery...

    The reason it is frowned on by some (but certainly not all) JWs is that it's like the band playing while the Titanic sunk thing: presumably there's better uses of time warning others in these "Last Days", when there will be plenty of time for music in the New System. Its like eating dessert before the meal.... Besides, most of you are assuming that self-discipline and intellectual development is a good thing; nope, also gateway drugs that lead to rational thought and free-thinking <gasp!>!

    And part of it must be pure ol' envy and jealousy, from those without a musical bone in their body....

  • Pistoff

    Yes; there is MUCH better uses for her time, like reading the new 16 page WT. When she is done, she can read it again.

    I remember the whole 'better use for our time' argument against college when I was 18 and had the scores and offers for college.

    I pioneered for one year, then quit when I realized I felt much better after a day of work.

    So much for a better use of my time.

    HOPING the grand daughter keeps up the band.

    (My son, df'd, will NOT allow his grandparents to see his daughter until they agree to be around him too, a decision I am fully behind)

    Witnesses can be real bitchy, even the cute grandparent types.

  • JustThatGirl007

    How cruel. That poor kid just wants to play an instrument, and that's a hell of an accomplishment. I wish I could play an instrument, or sing, or SOMETHING. Grandma has NO BUSINESS criticizing the decision those parents made.

    My mother tries to tell me that, since my brother doesn't take his daughter to the KH or teach her about jar-hoover, that it's HER responsibility. And, at one point, she actually asked me to back her up on that. We were early in our fade at the time and all I could manage was, "Well, it's their decision as her parents..."

    I really despise the borg for this kind of bullshit.



    Satan plays a Clarinet!..

    .......................... ...OUTLAW

  • Heaven

    I thought all music instruments were forbodden because they are all phalic symbols in disguise.

    I thought all music instruments were forbodden because they are all phalic symbols in disguise.

    Drum Rymes with Bum!..

    Jehovah`s not gonna Like That!..


    .......................... ...OUTLAW

  • jgnat

    Satan associated with the violin (Isaiah 14:9-14):


    Though as the violin was not invented until the 16th century, I'd say the KJV is a creative translation.

    As a musical being (timbrel and harp)



  • blondie

    It all depends on who is calling the shots in this family, mom, dad, mom and dad, or grandma. Even scrpturally by jw policies, the parents call the shots, and the father is still considered the head df'd or not. Grandma has no authority. Has the granddaughter been living by other WT standards? If not, then what is the point?

    The challenge for jw children in school music is holiday, religious, and political songs. Most schools due to policies do not allow religious or religious holiday songs. Music is just another class like math and English, so association is not the issue. I have known several jw children that participated in music at school.

  • krejames

    Hi - I'm a newbie here (born in, baptized 20+ years, still just about associating but with doubts about doctrine. Although I take issue with a number of things printed in the literature, I don't recognise the "bunch of fanatics" I see described in this and other threads as it's not the experience I have had in the two congregations I have been associated with- I'll introduce myself properly soon - just wanted to quickly respond to this as it's a subject close to my heart).

    The Grandma appears to be out of order. You have my sympathy on that. I agree with blondie that's it's the parents who call the shots anyway. But I think it would be a bit harsh to judge/bash all Jws on this grandma's actions alone. Certainly there are some unbalanced JWs, I have come across a few - and very damaging they can be too - but I think it would be the same in any religious organisation and even non-religious..there will always be a few that take things too far.

    I was in a band in the 90s, made up of witnesses. Even played at the YMCA several times, with the full knowledge of my local body of elders. None of them ever said a word about it. My niece and nephew were both strongly encouraged to do well in music. My niece plays several instruments very well and is involved in musical activities at her secondary school. And my bro in law is an elder(!).

    Anyway that's all I'll say on that. I'll post up on another thread sometime soon, as I'll be hoping for some advice...

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