Encouraging words from the Governing Body throughout the years.

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  • Theocratic Sedition
    Theocratic Sedition
    Miz - you may have an abundance of time to waste, but I don't. I spent quite a while answering your points on your first "Judas" thread, only to find it was all simply for your amusement.
    I hope you got plenty of laughs out of it at my (and others') expense, but I can't say I'm grateful to you for the wasted time and thought that I spent trying to assist somebody who never existed.

    Seconding Outlaw's post, it wasn't a waste of time and what you posted was beneficial to lurkers and even long time posters who need an occasional refresher. I'm not judging, but I feel at times you may take yourself a little too seriously Cedars. I watched the little tizzy you and Slimboy some tmie ago and that's when I first noticed it. Make no mistake, this cult and the issues surrounding it are very serious, but if Ray couldn't turn it upside down it's head, neither can you, myself, or anybody else. Regardless though, your blog, survey questions, and videos are priceless and I tip my hat to you. You're a man obsessed and I respect that. You're doing more against the org than those like myself still in it can or even have the courage to do. Wish you well in your endeavors.

    While I feel that the information found on the internet is probably going to be the lethal injection this organization is desperately trying to fend off, don't lose yourself trying to load the syringe. Not trying to be discouraging either, and every little bit counts, but don't become overly sensitive to it all.

    Theo, its not that big a deal...but why? What are you accomplishing making someone waste their breathe on something you already know?? By the way, I had been very sporadic on JWN for the past year or more- was going through a lot of personal problems.

    Sorry to hear about your personal problems and hope the best for you bruh. Hang in there.

    There's also a "cry wolf" element to it, because it puts me off trying to help other posters who seem like trolls in the future.
    For all I know, it could be Miz again in incarnation no. 4 or 5...Cedars

    I know it`s a pain but it`s going to happen again,whether it`s Miz or not..

    You`ll get used to how people word their posts..How they answer..

    Then you`ll begin to spot others who do the same thing..

    Chalk it up to a learning experience..It will serve you in the future..

    I know that does`nt help right now..

    Your probably pissed off..LOL!!..

    ........................ ...OUTLAW

  • isaacaustin

    Thanks Theo...and by the way, I hope you do stay.

  • cedars

    Theocratic Sedition - you're entitled to your opinion. I appreciate your commendation, even if it was barbed by a few predictable criticisms. Ultimately, neither you nor slimboyfat know me personally, so neither of you are in a position to say authoritatively that I take myself too seriously based purely on what I write on this forum. Yes, I have an ego, but then so does any other man - yourself included. I've always tried to give the information itself first place on the podium (so to speak) and have said very little about myself in comparison. Still, when you try hard and put yourself in front of people, people are bound to say you have an ego problem, or take yourself too seriously. I'm learning to shrug that sort of thing off.

    Whatever wisdom you feel you need to impart to me, the fact remains that you clearly get a buzz from winding people up (especially women) and posing as various different aliases. I suspect you would benefit from some professional help, but I haven't examined your posts in any great detail so that's just a hunch. I definitely think a trained psychiatrist could take a fair few notes on you, put it that way. I would certainly prefer to take advice from someone who doesn't manifest an unhealthy desire to provoke people and assume different identities. I don't think it's a healthy or balanced way to interract with others, but that's just my opinion.

    OUTLAW - thanks for your advice. I guess I'm still quite naive in many ways when it comes to this forum, even though I'm wiser than I once was. Like you say, I'll chalk this down to experience.


  • yknot


    Did you go to the Elder School yet??????

  • mrsjones5

    Welcome back Miz...I've missed you. If some are surprised by that don't be. I know how to handle Miz and he knows that. I got my big girl panties on and it ain't nothing but a move.

  • Finkelstein

    Evidently, Theocratic Sedition got sucked in by the WTS/GB lies and corruption which they self proclaimed about themselves

    through their self promoting propaganda program.

    The reality is God wouldn't have a thing to do with a falsely prophetic commercialized organization, who exploited the gospel

    for sheer money and power.

    Today's GB are just as guilty as the previous ones were and one day they may personally have to pay the price ........ I hope they do.

  • Aware!

    I hope Miz behaves and settles down now. When I was an admin on a forum I saw an option to ban users along with their IP address, so that they could never sign up again. I'm sure he doesn't want that.

  • Scott77

    I hope Miz behaves and settles down now. When I was an admin on a forum I saw an option to ban users along with their IP address, so that they could never sign up again. I'm sure he doesn't want that.

    I think, that is not right way to deal with strolls. We need to help them reform over time as needed. Let them continue to change their username or come up with a new one. We will catch them one by one. The way they type a sentence is easy to compare that with their past posts. Modes can also do a great service by warning us via inbox about the same IP associated with previously non or active usernames without revealing the IP numbers.


  • apostatethunder

    I am very happy to know that they loved me so much, shame it didn’t transpire during the years that I was in.

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