Women-Only City Planned

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  • still thinking
    still thinking

    By the way....I'm crap at multi tasking. Maybe I'm not a woman...hang on, I've given birth...I must be good at multi tasking...

    I'll add that to my CV...

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze
    You deserved it.
    What a load of steroetypical clap-trap

    Agreed. Achieving that much power requires a certain type of person, willing to do things, and make choices that most people aren't. It has nothing to do with gender. While the majority of time it has been men in these positions, women who have risen to this level have shown themselves to be just as corruptible.

  • sizemik

    Male and female have differences . . . who'd pretend otherwise.

    But they have an equally shared propensity for being selfish and crapping on everyone else.

  • ziddina
    "During the British Afgahn wars, female Afghans dealt with British prisoners while the men were out fighting. Some of the methods of execution were creative to the point of being bizarre and that's putting it mildly.
    Actually the whole idea that women are radically different at their core and therefore incapable of the same level of unpleasantry as men flies in the face of equality...." TD, page 1

    But you've forgotten - or ignored the fact - that these women have been in a viciously destructive, male-dominated system for centuries - wherein the less-powerful members of the society have been subjected to inhuman treatments themselves - not only women, but poverty-stricken men, such as those judged "criminal" ["He's a thief! Hack off his hand!"] and even animals...

    When generations of women have had their behavior shaped - often brutally - by gender-totalitarian male societies, and have been limited to snatches of information that filter thru from the elitist male-dominated world surrounding them, then their mimicry of the male abusers of their society is understandable. Plus, the situation described by TD is even more understandable when one realizes that these women finally had male targets that they could SAFELY take out their rage, frustration and hatred upon...

    In their society, the males may kill them with even greater impunity, and suffer even less consequences, than males attacking females in western countries...

    And it will take time before the extreme effects of such cultures lessen...

    On the other hand, if one looks at the ratio of male violence to female violence in the Western world, men account for AT LEAST 90% of violent crime in relatively "open" societies - ones in which the debasement and denigration of women is LESS virulent than in Middle Eastern and many Asian countries.


  • TD
    But you've forgotten - or ignored the fact - that these women have been in a viciously destructive, male-dominated system for centuries...

    Hey Zid!

    I haven't forgotten or ignored it. I agree that people tend to be a reflection of their culture and that the more violent and brutal the culture, the more violent and brutal individuals within that culture tend to be. I can also understand why someone might view that fact as something to be taken into consideration before we judge a primitive people too harshly.

    That is neither here nor there when it comes to the question of whether women are capable of the same level of brutality as men. They certainly are regardless of the reasons.

    I think where we might disagree is whether or not it was fair of me to point that fact out in response CrimsonBleu's short essay (?)

    The essay is riddled with absolutes and absolutes by their very nature cover every conceivable situation. Do women always nurture and never torture? No they certainly don't, even if you do place the blame for that squarely on men. I do however think that the latter notion is a little unfair, especially when it comes to historical figures like Catherine the Great, Queen Isabella of Spain and Mary I who had it within their power to make a break with the past and did not.

    Have there been no violent matriarchal societies ever? I suppose it depends on how you define a matriarchy, since they can be organized either along matrilinearity or matrilocality. (Or both) A number of Native American tribes met the former criteria and not all of them were peaceful.

    Human violence seems to me to be a by-product of clashes between cultures when there are not enough resources for both. Peaceful egalitarian cultures regardless of whether they are organized along patriarchal or matriarchal models simply can't compete when that happens.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Men and women are the same. Men and women are different. It would be interesting to see how differently women would run a city. I know that the Episcopal Church has women priests these days. They do as well as the men and they bring a motherly approach that the majority of Episcopalians appreciate. I like the doctors I have had who have been women, as much as the men. They are as competent. Julian prefers his female pediatrician over the male doctors in that clinic.

  • Balaamsass

    Queen Victoria the Opium trade and Boxer rebellion. Queen Elizabeth the Pirates and Privateers. Catherine the Great. Barbra Boxer

    Women can hold their own.

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