Women-Only City Planned

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  • Scully

    Imagine a city where all the women get their periods at the same time!

    A week's vacation every month!

  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    I bet there won't be any crime, war, child abuse and deprivation, terrorism, in that city, etc. The whole world should be run by women. Men should be forcibly removed from positions of politican power and replaced with women. Look what a gratuitous, sick mess men have made of the world all through time. And I'm a man!

  • cofty

    yaddayadda - Margaret Thatcher.

  • CrimsonBleu

    This is a subject I believe in! I have been an advocte of a matriarch society for a long time. Men had their chance.

    I posted a thread on a poplular form about this very subject recently and got alot of flack...oh well! :)

    If Women Ran The World...

    Our lives on this planet would be very different.

    There would be no hunger.

    There would be no wars for gain. No young soldier would die a bloody death for the sake of a purposely orchestrated power play.

    No foreign lands would be invaded for the sake of power and control, but instead a peaceful approach with genuine concern for assisting with quality of life would ensue.

    If women ran the world, (including the banking systems, media and governments), there would be no laws passed that were unknown and passed unseen in the night when the people were unaware. Porking would be illegal and suffer severe punishment, or not even exist at all as it would not even be considered! All aspects of law and rule would be open for acceptance before being placed on the table for approval.

    If women were in power, the quality and content of education for children as well as adults would enrich the mind, body and spirit of the individual student. Kindergarten would teach ethics, moral values , fairness, sharing and acceptance and subsequent grade levels would enhance these virtues, and many more.

    Women were wired for multi-tasking. We can accomplish more, in less time and effectively run circles around men in general when it comes to organization, management, leadership, community , and home responsibilities.

    Women are fair, we are no non-sense and we get the job done right.

    Women nurture, not torture.

    Women feed, not starve others.

    Women share their thoughts, words and deeds, men keep secrets and remain silent on matters of importance to home and community--and beyond. Women are effective communicators and seek resolve and are relentless in obtaining it until it is met.

    Women do not see dividing lines between the sexes EXCEPT those that men have set between them. If women ran the world, no lines would exist. No one gender would be 'higher' then the other, just different.

    If women were the brains behind the brawn, world events we experience now would not be in the chaotic, war mongering, famine filled state they are in, nor would they have been all along.

    It is the division between the sexes, the 'superior/inferior complex that has caused women to be what is viewed as weaker in society. Women treated less than their capabilities, treated less than they are, become imbalanced, feisty and bitchy. Women seek answers and resolve, and men as a whole, just want power regardless.

    Women, when given free reign without constraints and trusted with responsibility, can masterfully execute any project not just effectively, but extraordinarily. Women are multi-talented and multitasked.

    Women are not the companions/partners of men, but vice versa. Men are the companion/partners of women, and when this is understood a man's place is to execute and perform the tasks rendered by a female in a constructive way to benefit the likes of the home, local community and all the way to the outreaches of the government by which all people support.

    The downfall of man began when he thought he could rule.

    He failed. He lost.

    Return to the Matriarch or suffer the demise of this civilization!


  • cofty

    I posted a thread on a poplular form about this very subject recently and got alot of flack...

    You deserved it.

    What a load of steroetypical clap-trap

  • TD
    What a load of steroetypical clap-trap

    Yes - A good book on the Anglo Afghan Wars would be in order here.

  • moshe

    Bars would go out of business- women would have to start buying their own drinks, so they wouldn't be open very long, before the lack of business would close them down---

  • cofty

    A good book on the Anglo Afghan Wars would be in order here. - TD

    You have my curiosity now TD? Please give me a clue on the connection.

  • TD

    You have my curiosity now TD? Please give me a clue on the connection.

    During the British Afgahn wars, female Afghans dealt with British prisoners while the men were out fighting. Some of the methods of execution were creative to the point of being bizarre and that's putting it mildly.

    Actually the whole idea that women are radically different at their core and therefore incapable of the same level of unpleasantry as men flies in the face of equality.


    That should work out well until..

    There`s a Sale.. Or.. A man wanders into town..

    ........................ ...OUTLAW

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