My son and Elder janitor

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  • blondie

    Even men who have PHds prove to be incompetent elders. Having known both janitors and men with doctorates, their secular knowledge is not a qualifier. Just as being a psychologist or a physician does not guarantee empathy and fellow feeling despite their training or license. I don't think any elder connected to the WTS learns any necessary skills for helping people. Whether sincere or not, they all prove incompetent because the organizational structure does not reward caring for individuals but protecting the administation.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    Thank you for your replies. Can you now tell me a little bit about the organizational structure in a Kingdom Hall?

    Who, in a Kingdom Hall, is the big dog? Anciently they were called "bishops," but if I recall correctly, the person is called an "Overseer." Is that right?

    After that, who are next in line?

    And who do the Overseers report to? Why don't they use the offices in the New Testament? As far as I know, there are no bishops, evangelists, deacons or priests. And the General Board seems to fill the function of apostles in the ancient church. The term "apostle" means "sent one," and if God's Holy Spirit chooses them, couldn't they use that term? They seem to fill that function in the church. They appoint overseers, direct missionary work and are the "buck stops here" group that interprets scripture. Is that right? I would assume if a member of the General Board were to visit a Kingdom Hall, they would be treated like royalty.

    So am I right about Overseers being the heads of Kingdom Halls? Who reports to them and who do they report to?

    Thanks again for the responses.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    For example, it's a dead no-no now to show any desire to put family relationships above the WTS. There have been several deletions that I know about in our area over the past couple of years. All for elders attending weddings of relatives (particuarly children). This is regardless of if the child is DF/DA/inactive.... does attending weddings have anything to do with them being Elders? Is it because they could be using that time to do witnessing?

    The elders are now much more afraid to operate as free thinkers, show compassion or latitude and use reasonableness. Every slightly contensious issue is handled with no common sense. People are treated harshly and then it's left up to the CO to try and sort out. Act now and ask questions later is par for the course it seems.

    Don't Elders make sure that all doctrines are followed and taught by the flock? It seems there are templates for various situations and the Elders are responsible for fitting situations to those templates. I don't know how much latitude they have, but it sounds like they don't have much.

    Do Elders have the authority to write people up for infractions or administer disciplinary action?

  • 3rdgen

    One of the most important requirements of being an Elder is to be "an example to the flock". A wedding held at another church is taboo. A wedding where one is/was raised a JW to a nonbeliever is also taboo. A wedding where a disfellowshipped person is in the wedding party=taboo. Even if his own child is getting married if one or more of these situations is the case an Elder who attends the wedding can, and most likely will be removed.

  • 3rdgen

    Elders are the main administrators of dicipline among Jws. Occasionally, Circuit or District overseers become involved-especially if one or more Elders are the accused. The manual on how to conduct these judicial matters comes from the WBTS.

  • jam

    My daughter,s wedding in the KH. Wasn,t allowed to give her away.

    It was discuss with my daughter and my ex, I can attended but no

    part in the ceremony, and can not attend the reception.

    That one act did more damage (onlookers who were not JW,s)

    to the cult then any other. Family members on both sides of

    the family (my family and my ex family none JW) thought this was the most

    evil thing a religion can do. Many family members on both sides cried, when

    they saw someone else (my brother) give my daughter away.

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