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  • smiddy

    My wife & I opened our house to book study & fieldservice arrangements during the 19 seventies.

    Prior to that in the 19 sixties I often engaged in evening witnessing sometimes on a monday evening , but more often than not, before the bookstudy on a tuesday evening.

    Do witnesses do anything like that now ? Certainly not in my area that I have observered


  • besty

    thanks for the clarifcation on the source material :-)

  • puffthedragon

    My hall during the summer had evening witnessing two nights a week. To ensure support, they assigned not one, but THREE brothers to be there. Often those three (if they even made it) were the only ones there. I told them to take me off that list because I worked retail and could not always make it. What a shitstorm that started.

  • WTWizard

    And did Paul become a Satanist so he could win Satanists? I doubt it.

    Working field circus in the evenings is dumb. First, you might get people home--and pxxx them off. Do you really want to risk pxxxing off someone that happens to have a big dog or a gun? Or, do you wish to cut yourself off from potential opportunity later on? What if that householder you pxxx off on a late night call is just the person you need later to help you find a job? Or barter with?

    Another dumb thing is crime. Do you want to work a bad area in the city at night? They are bad enough working at 10 in the morning. I would not want to work those sections at 8 PM on a hot muggy summer evening. Chances are good that you will be mugged, your car stolen, or even get caught in cross fire between people settling a gambling or drug argument with a gun. They don't always hit their target--and if they miss, do you wish to be there so you can be hit instead?

    Plus, when do you get time to actually do things normal humans do? Are you only a normal human, with regular needs, between 1 and 5 AM? That is what the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger seems to think.

  • Gayle

    You know, the GBers won't be doing this evening service. Maybe once for 'show.'

  • wannabefree

    I found this Kingdom Ministry interesting in relation to information from the recently settled court case ... also additional Watchtower publication references.

    Opposing Party's Response and Supporting Evidence taken from "Linda Vista's Opp to Plaintiff's Sep Statement of Undisputed Material Facts"

    15. Jehovah's Witnesses do not engage in their field ministry activity as representatives or on behalf of Watchtower or any congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses. The engage in the field ministry in personal response to Jesus' command at Matthew 28:19,20, not a response to any command from Watchtower or any congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    23./24. Congregation publishers are not required to complete or turn in any forms regarding their field ministry activity to anyone.

    25. Before Jehovah's Witnesses engage in their field ministry, they generally meet for a brief "meeting for field service", which is generally conducted by an elder or ministerial servant. However, publishers are not required to attend a meeting for field service before they begin their field service activity.

    26. Congregation members are not required to engage in the field ministry in any specific territory.

    27. Congregation members are not required to call on homes in an assigned territory. The primary purpose of a congregation member's field service activity is to preach the Good News of God's Kingdom and honor Jehovah God.

    How do the following compare with the above statements?

    From OKM 10/201

    5 Our presentation should be tailored to
    the territory and the tract we are using.

    Howto Benefit FromYour Field
    Service Group

    3 Although the congregation now meets
    together on one less occasion a week, this
    does not mean that publishers should receive
    less shepherding. Group overseers are
    appointed in each group to give individuals
    personal encouragement and training
    for the ministry.

    4 It is often advantageous for each group
    to meet separately for field service on weekends.
    Having several locations to meet for
    service at approximately the same time
    may make it easier for publishers to travel
    to the meeting for service and perhaps
    to the territory. Publishers can be orga-
    nized quickly and begin heading to the territory
    without delay. It is also easier for
    the group overseer to give close attention
    to those in his care. However, circumstances
    may make it advisable for two or more
    groups to combine. If the entire congregation
    meets together for service on the first
    Saturday of the month or after the Watchtower
    Study, it is often beneficial for each
    group to sit together and the group overseer
    to be given a few minutes to organize
    his group before the meeting for field service
    is concluded with prayer.-See the box
    "Can You Offer Your Home?"

    Can You Offer Your Home?
    Some congregations combine groups
    for service on the weekend because
    there is a shortage of homes in which
    to meet. Meetings for field service are
    an extension of the congregation arrangement
    so hosting these is a real

    Field Service Highlights
    We are happy to report two new all-time peaks
    forMay! The Turks and Caicos Islands reported 306
    publishers and 3,485 return visits. Additionally,
    when comparing the first nine months of this
    service year with the same period last year, the
    Bahamas had an increase of 6.3 percent in regular
    pioneers, Bermuda had an increase of 6 percent in
    Bible studies, and the United States experienced an
    increase of 4.5 percent in regular pioneers. How
    encouraging to see the efforts made in reaching all
    with this life-saving good news.-Acts 5:42.

    *** km 8/09 pp. 6-7 Meetings for Field Service ***
    Meetings for Field Service
    1 Jesus set the example of caring for the Kingdom-preaching work in an organized and efficient manner. Likewise today, those responsible for this worldwide Kingdom-preaching campaign are very desirous of seeing this work cared for in like manner. In harmony with this endeavor, congregations worldwide use meetings for field service as one way to organize groups of Kingdom preachers for the field service.-Matt. 24:45-47; 25:21; Luke 10:1-7.
    2 A Fine Arrangement: Meetings for field service are designed to provide encouragement, practical instruction, and direction for those about to go out in the field ministry. The daily text may be briefly discussed when clearly applicable to the field ministry. At times, reminders from Our Kingdom Ministry, the Reasoning book, or perhaps the Ministry School book are called to mind in order to prepare all present for the work that day. A brief demonstration regarding a publication being offered may also be presented. Before the concluding prayer, all should know with whom they will be working in the ministry and where the territory to be worked is located. Shortly after this meeting of no more than 15 minutes, all should be on their way to the territory.
    3 How Are They Organized? The service overseer, taking the lead, is responsible for the coordination of meetings for field service. Group overseers, or their assistants, are responsible for accompanying their respective field service groups on the weekends. Some overseers or ministerial servants may be able to accompany service groups midweek. Group overseers work closely with the service overseer so as to have sufficient territory for their group to work from house to house on the weekends. During the week, the service overseer will supervise the arrangements for those who will take the groups out for field service.
    4 Where and When Should These Meetings Be Held? Rather than having the entire congregation meet in one location, it is generally best for these meetings to be held in convenient locations, usually private homes, throughout the territory with the intent of working the congregation's territory effectively. Kingdom Halls may also be used for this purpose. Many congregations use the Kingdom Hall to hold a meeting for service shortly following their Sunday public talk and Watchtower Study. Effort should be made to minimize the amount of travel to the territory. Therefore, arrangements can be reviewed periodically to ensure that the current locations continue to be appropriate for working the territory efficiently and completely.
    5 The best time for these meetings to be held and how many times they should be conducted throughout the week depend on the makeup of the territory. The following questions may serve as a guide to determine where and when meetings for field service can best be held.
    6 What territory needs further attention? What is the best time to work from house to house? Should a time in the evening be scheduled for house-to-house work or to make return visits? All field service arrangements should be placed on the congregation information board. It is the desire of all Kingdom publishers to cover their assigned territory thoroughly to such a degree that we too may say as did the apostle Paul: "I no longer have untouched territory."-Rom. 15:23.
    7 Conducting Meetings for Field Service: The one assigned to care for this meeting shows deep respect for this theocratic arrangement by preparing well. These meetings should start on time and should be instructive and brief, between 10 and 15 minutes. The conductor should have territory for the group to work before the meeting is started. Although it is not necessary to wait for latecomers after the meeting for field service has ended, leaving a message about where the group will be working can be helpful. All should be on their way to the assigned territory shortly after the meeting has finished. A well-organized and instructive meeting for field service will no doubt provide the necessary direction for all present to carry out their ministry that day.-Prov. 11:14.
    8 Attending Meetings for Field Service: Cooperation is essential. (Heb. 13:17) When possible, the one organizing the group will assist any who need someone to work with. It is good for experienced publishers to be present so as to be helpful in caring for newer and less experienced publishers. Those willing to be assigned to work with someone different, on occasion, may be able to accomplish much good. (Prov. 27:17; Rom. 15:1, 2) All should make a concerted effort to be punctual. Our respect for this theocratic arrangement and consideration for our fellow workers will move us to make the necessary adjustments in this regard.-2 Cor. 6:3, 4; Phil. 2:4.
    9 Pioneer Support: Pioneer support at meetings for field service is valuable and encouraging to all. Understandably, pioneers have many responsibilities. Aside from conducting Bible studies and making return visits, their daily schedule may include caring for family responsibilities and secular employment. Thus, pioneers should not feel required to support every meeting for field service organized by the congregation, especially if such are held each day. However, it will likely be possible for pioneers to support at least some meetings for service each week. To some degree, meetings for field service are a training ground, and the spiritual background and experience of the pioneers can be of great assistance to others. Their constant exposure to the field ministry has allowed them to gain experience in the ministry. This can be shared. Their zealous participation in the ministry and at meetings for field service has made them an example to imitate. And their participation at these meetings for service is very much appreciated.
    10 As was the case with Jesus and his disciples, a large part of our Kingdom-preaching work is accomplished by witnessing from house to house. Meetings for field service are for the purpose of mutual encouragement and effective participation in this work. All publishers of the good news should be supporters of such theocratic arrangements to the extent possible. (Acts 5:42; 20:20) May all of us give wholehearted support to this endeavor. By so doing, we can be sure of having Jehovah's rich blessing and can make the heart of our Leader, Jesus Christ, rejoice as we preach the good news of God's Kingdom.-Matt. 25:34-40; 28:19, 20.

    *** km 9/10 p. 4 Schedule for Week of October 4 ***
    10 min: Why We Report Our Field Service. Talk by the secretary based on the Organized book, page 88, paragraph 1, to page 90, paragraph 1.

    *** km 11/07 p. 3 Announcements ***
    ? Publishers no longer need to submit a Study Report (S-3) for each home Bible study conducted during the month. However, they should continue to indicate the number of different Bible studies conducted in the appropriate column of the Field Service Report (S-4).

    *** w11 3/15 p. 19 You Have Cause for Rejoicing ***
    Why is it important to report field service?

    *** km 12/02 p. 8 par. 3 Do You Contribute to an Accurate Report? ***
    3 Your Personal Responsibility: At the end of the month, do you find it difficult to remember what you have done in the ministry? If so, why not record your activity each time you share in field service? Some use a calendar or a diary. Others carry a blank field service report slip with them. At the end of the month, promptly submit your report to your book study overseer. Or, if you prefer, you may place your report in the report box at the Kingdom Hall. If you forget to turn in your report, promptly contact your book study overseer rather than wait for him to approach you. Conscientiously reporting your activity shows respect for Jehovah's arrangement and loving consideration for the brothers assigned to collect and tabulate the reports.-Luke 16:10.

  • kurtbethel

    Taken literally, you are not required to do any of those things. It is all volunteer work. What is not stated in the lawsuit is the negative consequences of not volunteering, such as shunning, loss of family, possible loss of job and so forth.

  • Scott77

    The Watchtower Society of Jehovah's Witnesses is a manipulative , deceptive and misleading cult group. The level of hypocrisy and misrepresentation is amazing. This day, I will never understand how on earth can still those seemingly 'humble' rank and file accept those bullshits. Its amazing and unbelieable.


  • mP

    Im calling bullshit on anybody preaching after 4pm and into the night in the ancient world. Given electricity and street lighting did not exist back then, i highly doubt anybody was wondering the streets at night. I also highly doubt anybody in those days would be opening their door to some strange character again in the dark. Given Paul supposedly travelled from town to town how exactly does a new person in town find thier way home in pitch black dark. Even with some fires going the streets are still dark and its can imagine very difficult to remember how to get home or to the inn where he stayed.

    In winter it gets dark not that longer after 4pm in the middle east, and given the narrow dark passages in typical towns noone could find their way in the dark.

    I remember watching some of those Jack the Ripper remakes and the streets of olde London in the late 1800s had simple lighting and it was a very dark place. Given the old towns in the Roman world had none, just makes it obvious what utter nonsense it is to think there was a busy night inthe ancient world, where people moved about and so on.

  • mP

    Street lighting



    • Roman law continues to be the basis of many legal systems. The Romans advanced concepts of marital and divorce laws and incorporated a sophisticated legislative system. The Romans also created what was likely the world's first postal system. Street lighting was incorporated toward the end of the Roman empire. Public toilets were also made available to the citizens, and a tax was charged to use them. The concept of "innocent until proven guilty" comes to us from the ancient Romans' Twelve Tables. Organized propaganda campaigns were also likely first conducted in the empire.


    Street lighting (only towards the end of the empire) - the reference to check out is Ammianus Marcellinus, book 14.

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