Went to the DC with my wife.... WHY OH WHY???

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  • jgnat

    King Solomon and Ziddania, contrary to our belief that the cream rises to the top evolutionally speaking, people at the lower end of the income scale have more kids. As long as they don't die, they are ahead of the game on the procreation curve. Maybe not Witness young couples. They are supposed to go out and peddle magazines. But I am willing to bet that the social pressures are stronger and that these struggling couples will have children sooner rather than later.


    Now, evolutionally speaking, as a survival as a species on a planet with limited resources, we may need to dramatically slow our birth rate. There are good indications this can be done by raising income levels and narrowing income disparity.

    For a great interactive graph (click play), check out Hans Rosling's "Smaller Families and Longer Lives"

  • outsmartthesystem

    "The church must feel threatened by higher education for some reason."

    Bingo. They ARE threatened by education. Education teaches a person HOW to think. And when a person learns HOW to think.....he or she can properly analyze information to determine if it is correct or factual. He or she can pick apart baseless arguments and rhetorical fallacies meant to deceive. That's what the JW faith is built upon....so of course.....they don't want you analyzing anything. They would rather teach you WHAT to think.

  • outsmartthesystem

    I took Solomon's comment to mean that natural selection itself may eliminate the Watchtower Society in the future. Humans and animal adapt to changing circumstances over periods of time. Those that dont go extinct. The Watchtower's rigid stance on education may be their death sentence because as the generations go on (real ones.....not overlapping) more and more young ones will realize the absolute necessity of education and will choose it over the organization.....thus ensuring a slow demise of the borg.

  • King Solomon
    King Solomon

    Zid got it right.

    Jgnat, perhaps you've never seen Idiocracy? While it's a dark comedy, the basic premise rings true.... JWs are not the dumbest of society (depicted as the winners in Idiocracy) and hence no doubt will be out-reproduced by the less-cautious welfare class...

    Ray Franz even mentions the JWs who didn't raise children in the 1940s after the official policy discouraged it, fearing that the great tribulation was imminent!

    But reality is that the combined selection pressures aren't strong or specific enough to tease out JWs, even with their self-selecting "no blood" policy, anti-higher education stance, etc. Also JWs are not a separate species, but a belief. ;)

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Was one of the "Satanic Teachings" something about taking vacations being a worldly attitude toward recreation?

    @Solomon, You're starting to talk like Bible Jesus... we need a multitude of "theologians" to interpret your profound sayings. lol

  • exwhyzee

    After I left the Org going on 4 years ago my wife continued for a time. She went alone to the D.C. but came home in the middle of the aftenoon program very sad and put out.

    Why? At first I figured it was because I had let her down and left her to attend alone. It turns out it was because there was a talk where the speaker was pointing out that the majority of jobs out there don't require a College Degree and that a servant of God doesn't need to obtain higher learning in order to support himself if he lives simply.

    She is a very intelligent Woman who somehow got herself into a good job but could have gone far if she'd have not given up her scholastic opportunities because of her JW background. She got up and left and hasn't been back to a meeting or assembly since.

  • 144001

    The only way I could sit through a DC is with lots of drugs. I'd need to be brain dead.

  • mouthy

    lamaallcool. Yes I am a Christian.Yes I am still going to the wedding even saying the Prayer there.
    You see MY GOD!!! tells me I must not judge...HE is the ONLY judge.

    He also tells me I must LOVE my neighbour no matter what or who he/she is.
    I believe Christ DIED for all.... Others may not accept Christ,but I choose too.
    The couple that is marrying is MY Granddaughter,( white)& her black lover....Do I think
    lesbism is a good thing??? I dont know I am NOT one. I was married for 0ver 42 years.
    to the same man....I have been to hundreds of weddings where the couple stood before an alter
    & VOWED to love each other until death...MOST are NOw divorced .
    The Bible says it is BETTER NOT TO Vow than Vow & never pay....

    So I may be out of order. I only know that MY GOD examines HEARTS,he will examine mine

  • Lurker555

    I forget what video it was now, but one of Cedars' videos on Anthony Morris III said when

    Satan tempted Eve, Eve wanted some "Higher Learning" to have knowledge of good and

    bad and be like God.

    I guess according to the GB Eve faltered because of Higher Learning.

    I wish I could remember which video it was. Might be the one on Higher

    Education, but can't remember.

  • JWOP

    The majority of jobs don't require a college degree?

    Sure, like McDonald's, Burger King, Arby's, Wal-Mart....

    I suppose there are trade schools out there....I wonder if the Watchtower Society is against those (after all, they AREN'T college).

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