I wrote a D.A. letter

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  • LongHairGal


    Good for you for writing a DA letter. Now, maybe they will leave you alone. But, it isn't a guarantee you will never hear from them again. JWs are notorious for not paying attention to territory cards that have a "Do Not Call". They are so busy gossiping they might not notice it and then you will have two idiots on your stoop.

    If you lose your cool and tell them off, all you will accomplish is to furnish them with a good laugh in the car group. You might want to hand them some ex-JW literature. You should keep a stack of it handy just in case. That would be a better tactic than getting angry.

    They will certainly get a DA letter from me if I ever get a tithing bill (like Moshe said in one of his posts ). They can go take a flying leap. I'd tell them to stick it where the sun don't shine!

  • wallsofjericho

    to me, this is what I expect to see more and more of..... elders love bombing inactive ones to either

    a) bring them back

    b) motivate the inactive one to clearly state they are out (ie: DA)

    c) after a some effort has been made (perhaps over 1 year) with no response, announce that so-&-so is no longer a J-dub

    I sincerely believe that this is going to occur if not already started. The WTS has laid the ground work for this already in WT articles over the past couple years

  • apostatethunder

    If they do this, they are effectively persecuting people that just want to live their lives without submitting to their cult.

    They should try treating people a bit better and probably wouldn’t have to deal with this issue of apostasy. People that want to leave other religions, are not harassed in any way to stay, or pushed to leave, the door is always open if they want to come back (as in the parable of the prodigal son), but they are not put in this with us/against us situation.

    I can only speak for Catholicism, but I know it is true for most of the other mainstream religions, not so for psycho-controlling-cults.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Snakeface , We did a similar fade as you . One day I just woke up and told my husband I am done, and quit going to meetings . We had one stop by to see where we had been, and then nothing for about four yrs . We had been active regular publishers for 32 yrs ! WOW one visit (underwhelmed) .

    After I put up 'Winter' decorations on my porch they all of the sudden took interest in us again ,relentless interest , ... I wrote a letter like yours and filed one with the local Police station stating I wanted no further contact ....I too said, "I have been inactive over four yrs ,and no one cared ,so let's just keep it that way " .

    Hope your letter will be enough to have them leave you alone .Enjoy Life !

  • OnTheWayOut
    He said OK, but he heard that "the evildoer" got me. I said "Yep." and hung up.

    I would have HONESTLY said the opposite. "Nope. Nobody's got me. I am managing fine on my own."

    Thanks for sharing your updates.

  • snakeface

    Onthewayout, I agree with you. But if let them go on thinking the devil has me they will be more likely to stay away from me, out of fear of becoming under Satan's control. Usually when witnesses can't figure someone out they say either the person is mentally ill or he has "problems with the demons".
    These past 5 years I have not seen any of them or run into any of them in the grocery store or anything since I live in a very rural area. A few months ago when I walked the half-mile out to the paved road to go to my mailbox, an elder and his wife just happened to be driving by and they beeped their horn and waved. I waved back. Other than that, I haven't even seen any of them. Therefore, if they now want to think I am demonized it really won't bother me at all.

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