What Many Have Still Not Learned Since Leaving the WT

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  • smiddy

    Many of us here , by reason of research , have discovered that the so called sacred scriptures of the christian / jewish traditions are no more valid than any other so called pagan writings.


  • King Solomon
    King Solomon

    I presume you are asking how atheists deal with loss?

  • slimboyfat

    "What Many Have Still Not Learned Since Leaving the WT"

    To stop preaching/peddling shite?

  • Giordano

    Most of us were not mature converts but born-in's or indoctrinated at a young age. WE failed to get a decent education, married in, started our families etc. When something is all you've known seperating one self from these beliefs is often a long and difficult process.

    What usually falls apart first is the made up organization and then their made up god and made up holy book. While you think there is much to hold on to others just see a confused and evil construct.

    In short the futher one gets from it the healthier most of us become.

    I hope you can also appreciate that most of us do not carry these conversations into our daily life......... once we have moved passed this foolish belief many have expressed how good life has become. Much as our own King Soloman mentioned I too walked away at a reasonable young age (23) and never gave it or god or scripture another thought for the next 40 years. I am a non believer, I am comfortable with my life which is filled with love and peace.

    When I found this site I simply found kinred spirits whose lives and experiences I can identify with. I also found, as you mentioned, lives that are slowly being knited back together. Being upset with what we have lost, our education, being shunned etc. and raging at the lose of those things with others who understand is part of the process of emotional growth.

    A few still have a need to believe...many here do not and are better for it.

  • nugget

    I find the assumptions you made showed a lack of understanding. It is rare to see anyone here blame God for the losses they suffer. Most of the people here do not see God in the process of disfellowshipping. There is no God in the man made rules of the society. I think many have realised that they were duped by men and feel bitter not because they allowed themselves to follow god's direction staying within a corrupt organisation to learn "valuable" lessons but because they allowed men to manipulate and control them.

    You are assuming that it was God's will that we stayed under control of pharasees and that they were teaching us how to become mature christians. I would suggest that the Bible does not advocate being passive about faith and that if the faith is corrupt you take action. Also when you are constantly told what to think, believe and do in the smallest detail, then you will never be mature enough to stand on your own. Maturity comes when you have the self confidence to make your own decisions and don't have to look up in a watchtower what you should be doing.

    To suggest that because our points of view differ I am deserving of destruction is an extreme perspective. How do you know that my thoughts and opinions are less valuable then yours? I also find the hectoring tone offensive to acknowledge that people have experienced painful losses but then assign those same people to Ghenna is pure Watchtower rhetoric. I suggest you review your own point of view it does you no favours.

  • soft+gentle

    KS - is this an inquisition

    loss in the sense of being the lowest common denominator

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    My reason for being here, on this site, was for support from those who previously woke up to the lies of the WTS.

    I never came to discuss/argue beliefs.

    And while I'm in the awakening stages, and trying to get my footing, my decision is not to discuss beliefs.

    That may change sometime down the road.

    But, at this time, I am an open wound.

    I am RAW.

    I need to first begin to heal.

    From the get-go I said I still believe that the Bible is the word of God.

    What others choose to believe and discuss on this forum is up to them.

    I'm here because I just need a soft place to fall.

    A place where I can express the emotions and turmoil I have felt not just for months, but for years.

    Years of suppression; holding my tongue, stiifling my thoughts.

    I do not blame anyone but myself for 20 years lost. I accept the responsibility for all my decisions.

    Unlike many on this forum, I was not a child in a JW household forced to believe something.

    When I decided to study with the JW's I was an adult.

    To spend years grieving the time I lost would only serve the purpose of wasting more time.

    My heart goes out to those of you who had no choice.

    To those of you who are/were shunned by loved ones and "friends" and for all of your missed opportunities in life.

    And mostly for the pain you have/had suffered from those you loved and trusted the most.

    I have certainly learned patience in dealing with all kinds of arrogance, insensitivity, and prejudice within the org.that I had never tolerated in the world.

    No one that knew me pre-JW would ever consider me a passive person. And none of the JW's would either. Quite the opposite.

    Thoughts can enslave a person the same way chains do.

    I have decided to set myself FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    RVW (Mel. K)

  • Tech-No-Buzz


    I am in the proces of leaving the WBTS

    I have for the past 10 years been trying to come to terms with the child abuse policies and have first hand experience.

    I have been in the organization 0ver 25 years. I now belive it to be the Babylon the great.

    And urge all to" get out of her my people"!

    I believe Jah has given some for knowledge of what is going on in the society which has now usurped Jesus as the mediator between Jehovah and us!

    My heart is broken and I am weary I do not seek any other religious organization. I believe the bible to be Gods word and his Son Jesus to be our redeemer.

    I await now faithfully for new direction.


  • leavingwt

    There are still many so many, that have left the WTBS and are still so bitter and angry feeling so victimized. To the point they have given up on Jah and His son.

    I stopped reading after that.

  • bohm

    There are some here that have allowed themselves to become so negative about faith and spirituality with regards to Jah and His son that they have turned this forum into more darkness than light therefore not allowing so many to join- in outta fear not being strong enough to have a voice.

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