What is this primitive notion of SELF-SACRIFICE?

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  • jgnat

    An example of modern, secular self-sacrifice; three thousand Canadians gave their lives at Vimy Ridge.

  • Terry

    Recompense for the victim is not the foundation for the American, UK, or Canadian judicial systems.

    Recompense is not the word I had used:

    Terry: Our court system today is based on the idea of "restoration" or healing of the victim.

    Restoration amounts to an equitable remedy.

    We definitely must separate the Civil from the Criminal for this to have any meaning.

    Criminals are charged with offences against the State, not individuals; movies be damned.

    Well, not in Civil cases: a civil action brought in a court of law in which a plaintiff, a party who claims to have incurred loss as a result of a defendant's actions, demands a legal or equitable remedy.

    In common law jurisdictions, there are a variety of equitable remedies, but the principal remedies are:

    1. injunction [ 4 ]
    2. specific performance
    3. account of profits
    4. rescission
    5. declaratory relief
    6. rectification
    7. equitable estoppel
    8. certain proprietary remedies, such as constructive trusts [ 5 ]
    9. subrogation
    10. in very specific circumstances, an equitable lien
    11. equitable compensation
  • jgnat

    I pointed out in my opening comment on this that the civil courts allow for recompense, not the criminal. In these cases, the complainant takes action against their perpetrator, not the state.

    Most of your comments decrying the current state of the courts system (criminals go free), are referring to the criminal system.

  • Terry

    Most of your comments decrying the current state of the courts system (criminals go free), are referring to the criminal system

    Well, when you commit a crime you ARE a criminal. The decision to pursue the prosecution through Civil Court wouldn't change that.

  • Terry

    I have noticed that words like obedience, submission, self-sacrifice on JWN are all meant with great revulsion...

    yet is there not a place or balanced view to each one of these words ?


    Well, I'm certainly revolted. I don't know about everybody else.

    Life needs to be about Living.

    When your first reaction to a crisis is TO DIE in order to solve a problem...it is less praiseworthy than it is exceedingly short-sighted on resourcefulness.

    A grenade lobbed into a foxhole full of soldiers might be snatched up and thrown out as a better strategy than throwing oneself on top of it.

    I can't say. Never been there or done that.

    Obedience to other people galls me. I don't like being told what to do. But, there is a place for respect to authority. It's a matter of balance.

    When it comes to submission?---I want to throw up.

    Forget that one! I pass.

    Admonishing women to SUBMIT to their husband is a disgusting and egregious violation of human rights.

  • myelaine

    obedience, submission, self-sacrifice...in a healthy relationship these acts are an indication of mutual respect and compromise.

    love michelle

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