Letter from my mother

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  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    Thanks cofty, leavingwt, Messerschmitt, and dgp. dreamgolfer, Las Malvinas are an ideal and the Falkland Islands are the status quo. Not the same thing really.

    JWs and civilians alike were there in force. This was by no means a JW only party, as there was even a designated smoking section outside. The subject of the gathering was a non-JW relative of mine who personally invited me. The JWs in attendance were mostly family members, who by and large acknowledged my presence. My mother as it turned out was the only one who really had a problem with it. There was no hint of tension at the soiree at all until I got the letter. It was unnecessary too. What should have been just a simple gathering was made into some sort of jihad later. My visible pregnancy was what set her off.

  • sooner7nc

    My visible pregnancy was what set her off.

    So, she would rather worship the murdergod and his publishing company than be there when her daughter's pregnant.

    I'm so sorry that you're being put in this position. I wish you the best.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Sorry you had to get the toxic treatment from your mother. Time to teach her a lesson by living a wonderful life that any other mother would be proud of.

  • elder-schmelder

    I am so sorry, I know how you feel, I just received the same letter from my grandmother this week. This cult sucks !!



  • loosie

    Some moms don't derseve to be called mom.

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    That is just gut wrenching. I'm sorry it happened. I would just kick her to the curb for now. You've got your own little one to nurture and love. That's what's most important.

  • dreamgolfer

    I am sorry to hear what you have been wrestling with. I am trying to figure where you are as I have "aquaintances" that were JW Missionaries in the Falkland Islands, and if that is the same place that you are located. Maybe I am missing soemthing with the Location thing? nevermind on my part. (shaking my head)

    But anyway, I am sure this is a difficult struggle, but in time she will come around, especially if she wants to have a relationship with a precious grandchild.

    You can't make her come over to understand your reasoning, not now. But when she sees what a wonderful Mother you are, that the baby is beautiful, and that she can miss out on it's growth, my bet she will come around,

    I have 2 grandchildren myself and I think they have a way of changing ones life for the better,

    Take a deep breath, make it through the all the changes, have a beautiful baby (you will) and then give it some time. MY guess when the time is right to head to the hospital, she will be there for you, parents always do pull through at the most unexpected moments,

    She does love you, she just doesn't know how to show it yet, and she'll love that grandbaby like you WONT Believe! The letter she sent was an emotional " knee jerk" reaction. In a few years, she will apologize for sending to you.

    Take care

    we are here for you,

  • aquagirl

    Wow,your mom,its all about HER,isnt it....Sorry.Dont fold,you are not in the wrong.As someone here said,JW's need to realize that their little 'rules' are not the real world,and they are not going to be patronized like they would like to be.Stand firm,live your own life..Your mom? Well,she has decided to worship a publishing company.Thats kind of sad...

  • King Solomon
    King Solomon

    Wow, it's always hard to see parents screw up so horribly like that. Just remember that's the cult speaking those hateful words, and not the mother you knew (if it helps, people sometimes have to deal with that dynamic when a parent develops Alzheimer's/senile dementia)....

    It's a pity she's so locked up into their deception that she's not able to realize how much control of her own life she has sacrificed....

  • mind blown
    mind blown

    I'm so sorry

    Is she a strong personality? I guess in retrospect I see this growing harshness in my daughter now too. With the WTS putting the screws to them and as you mentioned seeing you pregnant unraveled her.

    She mentioned you embarresed her? She's an embarrasment as a JW. As one poster mentioned it's all about her and her feelings and nothing more.

    I really think JW's are getting way out of control with their abuse. She needs a swift kick in the ass and a reminder of the love she is should show. She didn't need to be so mean, she could have done it in a loving way.

    If you're inclined you can always tattle tale on her to the elders to cool her heels. I'm sorry but this just pisses me off.

    Well, hon, again I'm sorry and I hope your can find solice with other family members and friends.

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