If Serena wins gold, will she stand for the US Anthem?

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  • 144001

    I was happy to see Serena win the gold, another accomplishment to add to her incredible career!

    I'm a fan and think she's the greatest female tennis player of my lifetime.

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    Whether the williams sisters are baptized or not the world sees them as Jws and thinks they are. The wtbs has the opportunity now to be that theatrical spectacle they claim to be, the whole world is watching they should come out and say that the williams sister do not represent them because of patriotism and obviously spending their youth training for a sport. The wtbs are cowards remaining silent harassing elementary school age witness kids forbidding them to salute the flag or celebrate holidays forcing them to throw their disney toys in the trash. If they want their message out here's their opportunity the great theatrical spectacle

  • treadnh2o

    I live a few minutes from Venus and Serena and run into them from time to time. My impression is they are into PR more than the religion. Interestingly, when my daughter asked what Hall they went to Serena answered immediately "Juno Beach" (which would not have been a compulsory answer)

    I guess as long as you are not baptized.....

    On a side note; they both are pretty cool people.

  • Finkelstein

    they are into PR more than the religion.

    And thats what some people have a use for religion, it creates a good wholesome outward persona,

    that covers over a their own personal self glorification and greed for money.

    The entertainer Prince comes to mind for some particular reason !

  • freydo
  • admirmitch

    How many rank and file JWs know about the Williams' sisters being JWs?

  • kepler

    Seeing Serena on or off the court would make my day.

    But refresh my memory: Who invented the Olympics?

    Does Jehovah like the Olympics more than Christmas?

    Or is it that every time they come up, they figure it will be the last one? Four more year! ... Request denied.

    Or is it simply that the Olympics haven't risen over the horizon of the folks at Patterson?

    Let 'em sleep.

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