If Serena wins gold, will she stand for the US Anthem?

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  • Finkelstein

    Of course it never stopped her before

    The whole family is a bunch of closet JWS, they probably stick their head inside a Kingdom Hall once in awhile,

    just to keep themselves covered in case Armageddon comes.

    Venus and Serena carrying the American flag.

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    @ Finkelstein: Oh Wow!

    Thank you for posting that. I wonder if they got "counseled" later?

    Probably not.


  • Quendi

    USA 99

    LTU 94

    This wasn't just "another day at the office" game, but a good, hard fought 40-minute nail-biter. If the U.S. palms the gold medal in basketball, it will have earned it. Lithuania is good, but wasn't expected to do this well against the American squad. As for Serena Williams' gold medal, its win has given her a "Golden Slam": the four Grand Slam tournaments plus an Olympic gold medal. Good for her.


  • blindnomore

    She's on the podium for the US Anthem. She's smiling and laughing because some how the US Flag flew away during the ceremony.

  • DaCheech

    ha ha ha

  • puffthedragon

    Did Sparlock steal the flag to protect sister Williams?

  • ShirleyW

    I see they both have no problem holding the flag in the pic above since they're both such spiritual JWs . . . however a few years back they had a reality show and Venus' trainer was trying to get her interested in doing yoga and she kpet saying no she couldn't do it because of her relligion, but yet no problem holding the flag.

  • blondie

    She stood before in the past and we discussed that then. But I don't think she is baptized even unbaptized any more. Some children of a "divided" jw family grow up straddling both worlds, especially when the father is not a jw; the jw mother defers to the father's "headship" cherrypicking what to do, letting the father take any flak for "non-jw" activities.

    Could they be like some people who grow up in jw family and hold back from baptism to avoid being in the shunning category?

    Money talks too and I'm sure that it has protected people like Michael Jackson, the Williams sisters, Prince, George Benson, from any publicity about their true status with jws and the WTS.

    Does having a flag on your left breast outfit matter?

  • King Solomon
    King Solomon

    Is it just my reading something into the picture, or does it seem like she's forced to hold back, with mixed emotions as if her conscience is bothering her over standing near a flag?

    That's part of the problem with JW thinking: instead of being able to enjoy the memorable and worthy moments of one's lives and accomplishments, the individual has some part of it's worth robbed by feelings of guilt that sap the experience of meaning. Instead of enjoying the moment, she's thinking what others are thinking, and the later ramifications of the act.

  • Finkelstein

    In reality those girls probably make a once in a while pretentious showing at their mother's Kingdom Hall.

    Since they are not baptized and are not regular attendees, they get a pass over, most likely out the intensional endeavorer to encourage

    the girls to become full time JWS., bringing with them their celebrity status and wealth.

    Using Prince as an analogy you can see how the organization treats celebrities differently, preferential treatment as it were.

    JWS love celebrities for it gives them public notoriety, similar to how the Scientologists exploit their celebrities.

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