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  • outsmartthesystem

    "Depending on your situation and your kids personalities it may be helpful if they see you reading your Bible and when you're with them talking about God or Jesus a bit to them. It might make it harder for your wife and others to paint you as a Godless heathen if the kids know otherwise from a young age."

    This is made all the more difficult now that I am borderline athiest

  • carla

    Teach her critical thinking skills!

    Use examples of bad behavior of jw's from this board and elsewhere. Children have a sense of justice, ask if her God would like x, y or z that goes on in dubland all the time.

    Maybe it is time for you to use your 'headship' status and put your foot down with the jw crap. Tell your inlaws that they will not be able to see your child if they continue to preach at her.

    Maybe it is time for you to expose her to some of the other religions of the world and bring her to some churches. Let her see how much fun kids have at these places WHILE they learn about God and the Bible. It will be hell around your house for awhile but you are at risk of losing your child at the tender age of 5! don't take this sitting down.

    I hate to say you may one day have to decide between your childs welfare and your relationship with your wife but it does happen. Protect your childs mind, body, spiritual and emotional health. You read the board, you see the results of children raised in this cult. Protect her.

    Have you considered moving out of state?

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