FYI - "Florida man kills door-to-door salesman: I'll kill anybody who steps on my property"

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  • AndersonsInfo

    Florida man kills door-to-door salesman: I’ll kill anybody that steps on my property

    A man in Cape Coral, Florida on Wednesday was arrested for shooting and killing an unarmed door-to-door salesman on his property.

    Kenneth Bailey Roop, 52, has been charged with second-degree murder for killing 30-year-old Nicholas Rainey.

    A co-worker who witnessed the shooting said Rainey had knocked on Roop’s door, but received no answer. While Rainey was walking down the drive-way, Roop pulled up in his pickup truck and asked why Rainey was at his house. Rainey explained that he was selling steak and seafood. The witness said Roop then pulled out a black handgun and shot Rainey. As Rainey lay on the ground, Roop fired another bullet into the back of his head.

    Roop later told police that he shot Rainey in the head “for effect” and that he had three no trespassing signs on his property. Roop said he feared for his life.

    “I’m not going to give him the chance to do something to me,” he told police. “I was in fear.”

    An off-duty Collier County sheriff’s deputy was nearby and heard the gunshots. When she arrived at Roop’s property, she found Rainey dying on the ground while Roop was in his garage reloading his handgun.

    “He was telling the officer, ‘he stepped on my property, he trespassed, I’ll kill anybody that steps on my property,’ somewhere along them lines. It was just unbelievable,” one witness told the The News-Press. “She never flinched. She deserves a medal. I don’t think he was done [shooting].”

    The deputy ordered Roop to drop his weapon and held him at gunpoint until police officers arrived.

    Roop’s neighbors described him as “the neighborhood crazy.” Roop has a concealed weapons permit and approximately 14 firearms.

  • designs

    How often had Roop fantasized that scenario in his head.

  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith

    Makes you wonder. This obviously a case where a mentally unstable person was allowed to own guns. Not really a case for gun control, however. This guy very likely would have found a way to obtain guns (private personal sale; black market; etc.) regardless.

  • wasblind

    I remember we overlooked a no trespassing sign , the householder showed he was very irritated

    we apologized and got the heck outta dodge

    this should be a lesson for the WTS , the sheep face all kinds of stuff

    goin' D2D


  • 144001

    If it had been a JW or JWs at the door, the invisible angels at their side would have been visible to Roop, and he would have refrained from pulling his gun out.

  • wasblind

    From what I've heard, that angel was a no show at times

  • King Solomon
    King Solomon

    Who does Roop think he is? George Zimmerman?

    144001 said:

    If it had been a JW or JWs at the door, the invisible angels at their side would have been visible to Roop, and he would have refrained from pulling his gun out.

    OR, Roop would've felt legitimately threatened by the two HUGE muscular angels that were trespassing on his property, blasted them first, and THEN killed the JWs. :)

  • sir82

    What a nut job.

    Maybe gun owners should have to renew their licenses, and prove their sanity, every 3-4 years like with driver's licenses,

  • designs

    wasblind- I ignored a No Trespassing sign ONCE when I was a Pioneer, opened a gate and got mauled by an English Mastiff, put me in ER with a whole lot of puncture wounds plus the tetnus shots.

  • botchtowersociety

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