The Art of Writing

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  • panhandlegirl

    I love words. I did not speak English when I entered the first grade so I had to learn an entirely different language at an early age. I guess that’s when I became fascinated with words. I have started writing a book whose pages I send to my professor to critic. I don’t know how good of a writer I am, but I like to write. I do enjoy reading what some on the forum write.

  • Glander

    Growing up, I became aware that my mother was a snoop. My journal, stories, letters from friends, anything and everything was read by her, no matter where I kept it in my personal belongings. She always did it clandestingly, seemed to prefer to sneak rather than ask if she could read something. The effect was that I simply quit keeping a journal and when writing a story I felt she was standing over my shoulder.

  • tec

    Quendi, I get the same thoughts as you when it comes to handwriting, or writing on the computer.

    My first two manuscripts were written by hand. It slowed the pace, made the writing much more deliberate. My ideas were more fleshed out, though, because i had time to conceive of them as i was writing. I also put notes in the margins when i realized that i was changing a plot point, and continued writing as if that plot point was already changed. But I did not actually rewrite to add in the change until the end of the book. (no way to delete it in the first place) I wrote by hand, however, out of necessity. I had no typewriter; no computer.

    When I got a computer and typed those manuscripts out, I added the changed I had made, and I also realized that I had too much detail in a number of spots. Things that slowed the pacing; which i didn't really get a good feel for until i typed it out, and my typing kept closer pace with my thoughts.

    When typing, sometimes i think it is too easy to delete and make changes that would have turned into something great later in the story. Stories tend to flow and write themselves, and those details you didn't know were meaningful at the beginning turn into the best plot points, character developments, etc.

    I don't think I can give up typing for the speed and ease of keeping up with my thoughts. But I think I should forget the delete button until the end ;)



  • Terry

    My hubby made the misstep of telling my daughter if she keeps a journal he feels he has a right to read her most personal thoughts (something I don't agree with and feel that should only be done with permission) so now she has stopped writing for pleasure. I've tried to encourage her to pick up the pen again but she refuses. Is there anything I can do?

    Keep two journals: the real one with intimate personal writing and the "for show" journal with kitty kats, poetry and complaints about snoopy Dad.

  • tec

    Terry has a great idea!

    Also a laptop (if that is feasible) with a security code to access certain writings.

    I agree with you, Mrs.Jones, that she should be able to write without fear of anyone knowing her most personal thoughts.



  • mrsjones5

    Well I talked to her last night about her writing and why she isn't doing it anymoree. She now says its boring. I'm hoping she changes her mind about it.

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