New YouTube video - the Governing Body uses the media (even though it's under Satan's influence)!

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  • cedars

    Hi everyone

    I've just uploaded a new video in my series of short films that examine some of the more outlandish remarks of Governing Body member Anthony Morris III from the platform. (Before you ask, yes I do intend to move on to another Governing Body eventually, but I'm not done just yet!)

    This latest video looks at the Society's relationship with the media. Anthony Morris warns attendees at an assembly to ignore the media when it publishes unfavorable reports. The reason? Because it is under Satan's influence. However, this makes no sense when comparing statements from the book "Bearing Thorough Witness" in which the Coordinators' Committee of the Governing Body is said to use the media to portray JW beliefs in a favorable light. How can it make use of something that is controlled by Satan?

    Here is the video so you can see for yourselves...

    And here is my article on the Governing Body for those who haven't yet read it...

    (As always, if you haven't yet taken part in the 2012 JW Survey, please do so!)


  • Greybeard

    Loved it! Thanks Cedars

  • Finkelstein

    Good one Cedars

    The factual truth of the matter is the GB of the JWS/WTS are really dedicated chosen men representing the sustainable workings

    of the Watchtower publishing house. I think this GB idiot ( Anthony Morris ) doesn't come right out in a honest and sincere manner and state

    the " Media" he's referring to is the inter-net. Most news paper and TV journalistic segments about the JWs that I have heard have been

    pretty much honestly unbiased toward the information that's contained in their articles about the JWS/WTS.

    All this guy is attempting to do is demonise all avenues of information that are not in control of the WTS. organization itself.

    ( If its information from outside the organization and not from the organization itself, then its Satan's information thats wanting to

    destroy the WTS/JWS ) ........bullshit propaganda to the extreme

    Must always protect the organization for its God's chosen organization, even if you have to lie in doing so, this is spiritual warfare after all.

    Religion is about controlling people's minds and getting them to do what you want them to do, in the case of the JWS its about

    being a indulgent sales representative for the WTS. publishing Corporation.

  • cantleave

    Great vid!!

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Nothing like condemning the media when they publish FACTS that prove that WT is not God's organization. They can't refute the newspaper articles, so they have to label it as 'satanic' and 'apostate' to try to dissuade JWs from waking up to the real truth. If newspapers were really printing things untrue, WT would be able to use the court system to sue the media. But WT can't sue when the facts accurately portray them as false prophets and wolves.

    And he condemns newspapers for publishing retractions? Has Tony the Turd never taken inventory of how WT changes "the truth" with no apologies? Their claim that it was God's promise that armageddon would come within 70-80 years of 1914 deserved a retraction of nothing less than front page coverage in both WT and Awake. But they didn't. They sneak in 'apostate' teachings that completely contradict their established dogma and pretend like it's wonderful "new light" that the sheeples should appreciate. But it's just new lies replacing old lies. Their "new light" is no more reliable than their "old light". They claim to be God's organization, yet their standards of honesty are far lower than any reputable newspaper.

    Tony the Turd is completely blind and is leading those who refuse to see.

  • The Oracle
    The Oracle

    Tony the Turd. That's funny, Billy!

    The appropriate level of respect for such a despicable wackjob.

    Anyone in a position like that, who has to know its all horse-poo-poo, yet who continues to control and endanger the healthy lives of millions of innocent people deserves to be referred to as Tony The Turd.

    The Oracle

  • cedars

    Thanks folks. It is breathtaking how duplicitous the organization is when it comes to the media. On the one hand they condemn it as an instrument of Satan; on the other hand they freely admit to using it to further their own purposes. Which will it be? You can have either one or the other, but not both! It strikes me that this is one of many doctrinal "loopholes" where little attention is paid to continuity before new ideas are formulated. Of course, the fact that Anthony Morris III is a pompous imbecile might also be a contributory factor in this particular case.


  • kurtbethel

    Publishing books and periodicals, and making audios and videos makes one part of the media, a media company. So perhaps Morris 3 is projecting the nature of his own media corporation onto the other media corporations.

    Watchtower Jehovah's Witnesses governing body controlled by Satan

  • man711

    Why does anyone care what Cedars thinks?

  • cedars

    Why does anyone care what Cedars thinks?

    Why indeed! lol, nice to meet you man711

    Did you have any comments to add related to the topic under discussion?


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