Worldwide Church of God collapse

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  • sloppyjoe2
    When I was in grade school and there would be Christmas events there was always myself and another girl who would sit in a separate classroom. I was a jw and she was a world wide church of God member. I found it interesting that someone else didn't celebrate Xmas. Later on when out in service we called on their house and her dad explained all of the teachings they believed in, what holidays they didn't celebrate, still had the sabbath and I suppose they didn't believe in the trinity. Now it looks like the church has done and about face on all of that many years ago. I was just unaware. It makes me wonder how did they process it all and react to the changes. Facebook has yielded me no results.
  • barry

    As I understand it the WWCOG divided into a number of churches all with different beliefs some believing the trinity some not. The WWCOG, SDAs and Jehovahs witnesses are all related from Adventist roots.

    Cog Surviver the Episcopalian church is the sae church as the Anglicans in Australia.

    Some Anglicans are liberal some a very conservative just as every church has a spectrum of opinions.

  • Phizzy

    The basic mistake made by the CoG leadership after Armstrong's death was to be TOO HONEST !

    Now, the guys actually pulling the strings at JW H Q, and their Puppets, the G.B, are not going to make that mistake are they ?

    They wouldn't know Honesty if it bit them in the Bum.

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